African gray parrot feeding care 13 points



“African gray parrot”

The African gray parrot are smart enough not only to have good language and imitation, but also to find that their IQs are comparable to those of the five-year-olds of humans, and because the gray parrots are so clever, they are on keeping and taking care, Like the face of children, the total people love and hate.

African gray parrot feeding concept

1, very clever bird

African gray parrots are a very clever bird, it is said that their IQ can be up to five years old children’s intelligence, in the large parrot is a very popular pet bird.

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2, from small to keep teaching

Some bird shops sell gray parrots are wild, this is not easy to raise is also difficult to educate, so if you want to raise a gray parrot to companions, it is recommended from the young birds began to raise, both obedient and good teaching.

3, five-year-old child IQ

The most famous trick of gray parrots is, of course, imitating humans, but a recent study found that they seem to have other unrecognized talents. Scientists have found that African gray parrots can reach the standard of five-year-olds in human reasoning.

4, the reputation of excellence

The African gray parrot’s reputation is so high that people have high expectations for them. Regardless of what is true, they are considered to be the highest in wisdom, the most talked about, the most allergic to the nerves, and the most introverted pet parrot species.

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5, with thinking ability

They have the ability to think (to solve the problem and reasoning) than other parrots have a higher ability to speak, but a lot of gray parrots have a bite, pull feathers and only take a mind in a master.

6, most will speak

All African gray parrots have the ability to speak and imitate any sound, not just the language of mankind; but not all African gray parrots are talking, or there are a few exceptions.

7, can not distinguish the ability

Although the gray parrot has the ability to speak and imitate, but there is no way to know which bird will speak, which will not, and speak the level of good or bad, but most of the ‘African gray parrot’ after a year Will begin to speak.

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8, human ideal companion

African gray parrots are very sophisticated companions, if you can understand them, treat them as a genius in the parrot world, and remember that they are wild birds, you have a lifelong parrot friend.

9, the owner asked low

African gray parrots are more independent than the cockroaches, the requirements of the host are lower and the volume is smaller, and the destructive is relatively low. Gray parrots are also known in the parrot community to speak, and if properly trained, it can even talk to you.

10, long trapped in the cage

African gray parrots are wild birds in the wild, so it is cruel to keep it alone in the cage all day, and because they have the same wisdom as human beings, if they are trapped in the cage for a long time, they will develop behavioral problems And even mental disorders!

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11, suitable for hot environment

Gray parrots are ideal for keeping with other parrots, or all day in the active family so that they can be integrated into a member of the group.

12, bite reasons for the diversity

Like other parrots, African gray parrots will bite for a variety of reasons. For example, you may not be the owner of their choice, or, if you are afraid that it will bite you, then you will wish to come true.

Intellectuals: Parrots can feel who is afraid of them and will try to fulfill your expectations or fears.

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13, to avoid spoiled parrot

Artificially propagated birds will bite if they are poorly educated. “African gray parrot” has a 5-year-old child’s wisdom, try to like a spoiled child will have any action, the results can be imagined.


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