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Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrot: (scientific name: Amazona) looks handsome. Most of the feathers of the parrot are green, iris orange eyes. Yellow is distributed between the crown, the beak and the thigh, and is occasionally visible around the eyes. The yellow head is also called “cap”. In the wings of the transition there is a little red embellishment, feather edge was yellow-green.Their wings are very fascinating, the main flying feather is purple blue, sub-feather is purple and blue and distributed in the plum and wing side. Body length 34 cm to 45 cm range. The body is green, the color has a blue to the greenish green to yellowish, the head feathers of different colors, can identify its variety. Most of the varieties that are kept as pets are green feathers and dark beak. Amazon parrot are distributed in some areas of Central America, South America and Mexico.

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Amazon Parrot


Amazon parrots living in the Amazon River basin of the middle of the parrot, mainly in the lowland forest area, a high degree of 600 ~ 2200 meters of mountainous areas, also like activities in the pine forest or oak. They are usually in pairs, sometimes gathered up to about 300, with hundreds of the number of trees gathered in the habitat, the cluster gathered when flying quite noisy. There are also habits of migration. The location of the transfer is determined by the adequacy of the food.

Wild eating, the most favorite figs, followed by berries, nuts, flowers, seeds, fruit and spikes of the top of the buds, but also in banana forest or corn fields and other crops foraging, resulting in agricultural losses, farmers often Shoot them.


Amazon parrot food with fruit, shell seeds, sunflowers, green food and so on. They need a diet rich in natural carotene. It is recommended to provide them with natural and fresh food. Root vegetables such as carrots, beets and sweet potatoes are an important addition to the daily diet. We can not use processed synthetic food as the main food of Amazon parrot. Because synthetic grains do not contain fresh foods containing phytonutrients (phytonutrients). In addition, just germination of seeds and cereals is also a good choice.

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Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are usually very noisy, especially in the morning and at dusk. You can quickly get used to the new bird. Physiocre stubborn; destructive stubborn, like bite the object, so the need for fresh branches for bite, like bath or spray way of bathing, excited when the neck will be erected part of the feathers, only in the breeding period outside with other varieties The ‘Amazon parrot’ live in peace.

Amazon parrot has been loved by love birds, is a very reason. Beautiful, smart, considerate, longevity, variety of species, the meaning of the character, are favored by the reasons. According to records, the Amazon parrot first by Christopher Columbus (Christopher Columbus) in 1492 by the introduction of Europe in South America. Has been favored by the future, but also caused the European and American breeding experts, veterinarians, birds of great interest. There are many breeding ground around the world to invest in scientific research, breeding and try to make its variants (mutation).

Amazon Parrot

In the Amazon parrot, the strong ability to speak for the big yellow hat, yellow cap and blue cap these three kinds. Red Hat speak poor ability, but the IQ is not bad, to imitate the whistle ability, orange wings, small yellow cap ability to speak ordinary, beautiful Amazon parrot great physical, but not speak, quite loud. There are not many breeders. The recognition of the ability of the Amazon parrot is not the IQ, but the property of the range is close to humans, Red Hat than blue cap learning ability, but the sound is not like the human language, whistling first-class. Blue cap sound meticulous, talking like a child, often their own broken Suixian, scholar language, do not love shouting. So when you choose the Amazon parrot for the pet bird, if you like to speak please choose the yellow ham, hats and blue cap, like whistling is the red hat (but noisy), large as sunflower parrot Beautiful Amazon parrot, poor learning ability, suitable for viewing, small yellow cap ability in general, white cap small size, poor ability to speak, in the hat family pet bird market and inconspicuous.

The beauty and honor of the Amazon parrot, with the advantages of all the parrots, the Amazon parrot can live to 80 years old, the artificial rearing it can be with the old or with children grow up. Amazon parrots love to imitate children and women’s voice, because their higher scale (Higher Resonance), often by the ladies or children feeding, learning language is faster and more clear.

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Amazon parrots are distributed in Central America, South America, and some parts of Mexico, and the settlements cover North and South America to North Mexico.


Amazon Parrot

The Amazon parrot nested in the tree hole. In the breeding season, one  day may mate several times. Once it reaches the stage of physiological  maturity it becomes difficult to predict and is quite aggressive,  especially when it enters the breeding period. They will even be jealous  and possessive and attack their favorite people. It is best to keep it in  the cage during the year, reducing the chance of serious injury to  others.

Every year from March to September, for half a year for the Amazon  parrot breeding season. Parrots entering the breeding season should  supply high animal protein food, increase the calcium content. The  breeding season of the Amazon parrot will become very noisy, the  male will also have a strong offensive, some hand-matched pair of  successful “Amazon parrot” and even the owner also attack, the  male will show his male to the female spirit, At this point if the female agreed to the courtship of the male, it will lower the body into squatting, waiting for the male further action.

In the chicks after the shell, if it is to let the birds raised their own young chicks, after the feathers gradually Feng, because the birds will attack the young birds, there are many two or three months did not remove the young birds, In the suffering from a bird attack caused by injury or death or disability, it is recommended about 21 days after hatching, to be enough to learn enough immunity after the young chicks hand removal, such as non-bird abandoned should not be too early to remove, so as not to Because the breeding is too high to cause the young child died.

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All varieties

Amazon parrot (34 species)Chinese nameLatin nameNumber of subspecies
01Green top Amazon-parrotAmazona aestivaTwo subspecies
02Black-headed Amazon-parrotAmazona agilis
03White Amazon-parrotAmazona albifronsThree subspecies
04Orange-winged Amazon-parrotAmazona amazonicaTwo subspecies
05Red-necked Amazon-parrotAmazona arausiaca
06Yellow-necked Amazon-parrotAmazona auropalliataThree subspecies
07Red Amazon-parrotAmazona autumnalisFour subspecies
08Yellow shoulder Amazon-parrotAmazona barbadensis
09Red-tailed Amazon-parrotAmazona brasiliensis
10Yellow-headed Amazon-parrotAmazona collaria
11Blue cheek Amazon-parrotAmazona dufresniana
12Spotted Amazon-parrotAmazona farinosa
13Festive Amazon-parrotAmazona festiva bodiniTwo subspecies
14Purple Hat Amazon-parrotAmazona finschiTwo subspecies
15Saint Vincent Amazon-parrotAmazona guildingii
16Emperor of the Amazon-parrotAmazona imperialis
17White-headed Amazon-parrotAmazona kawalli
18Cuban Amazon-parrotAmazona leucocephalaFive subspecies
19Scales of the Amazon-parrotAmazona mercenaria
20Green cheeks Amazon-parrotAmazona molinae
21Yellow head of the Amazon-parrotAmazona ochrocephalaThree subspecies
22Double yellowhead Amazon-parrotAmazona ochrocephala belizensisFour subspecies
23Yellow Crown Amazon-parrotAmazona ochrocephala ochrocephalaFour subspecies
24Red-eyed Amazon-parrotAmazona pretrei
25Redheaded Amazon-parrotAmazona rhodocorytha
26Alnus Amazon-parrotAmazona tucumana
27American Amazon-parrotAmazona ventralis
28Santa Lucia Amazon-parrotAmazona versicolor
29Red chest Amazon-parrotAmazona vinacea
30Red Crown Amazon-ParrotAmazona viridigenalis
31Puerto Rican Amazon-ParrotAmazona vittata
32Yellow eye first Amazon-parrotAmazona xantholora
33Yellow face Amazon-parrotAmazona xanthops

In Liverpool, England, there is an “Amazon parrot” called “Jamie”, born December 3, 1870, died in November 5, 1975, at the age of 104 years, worthy of the birds in the “old birthday.”

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