Birb is the word – Birb memes (Clean) (Credits in desc.)




VIDEO CREDITS (In order) (Some of these videos may not come from the original owners, just tell me if I have got them wrong)

birb in the 90s – Irk is a Jerk
The amazing sound of the Lyrebird – Gerard Gunsing
Super cute cockatiel plays the drum – Videos which are currently popular on the internet
Mannequin bird dancing vine by Awesome – bestcoolvines
Every time I visit this owl it gives me this face – Adam Poley
duck chasing man (Dragon force edition) – anonymous a
harry birb – Finn Clasen
Pigeons: What is love – e7magic
birb is broke – danger doggo
Birds running from ocean – Hurricane Jill
Bird machine vine – ScootLoo
metal birb – moo
Dancing Bird Vine – Steph Baul
Bird does a heavy metal – Silverarmydogs
Bird plays Peek-a-boo around laptop – BestVideos2016
Vine: Funny parrot disguises as a banana – The Bossman
Funny Om Nom Nom Bird – DogsAnimalsCats
When birds go mad. Max style. – Mr Max T.V. (One of my fav channels)
Talking bird activates Siri – Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets
Sneezing chicken – wakoiii
When the beat drops green bird dance buddies – Jamie Koala
Magpie and cockatiel sing a duet – DailyPicksAndFlicks
Benjamin singing to a single pea – Parrot Post (One of my fav channels)
Parrot drummer – Morten O.T.
laugh – kmlkmljkl
Topaz the Golden Conure dancing – Topaz the Golden Conure
Bird sings a tune (Loud) – ???
Bowie approves of whipped cream – Peekaboo Parrots (One of my fav cannels)
bird knows what’s good – MintyMeetch
birb on birb gang violence – Pete Yagmin
birb does a (((fast))) – Perplex
Benjamin being a birb – Parrot Post (One of my fav channels)
cockatiel in slow motion. – We heart parrots.

Prepare your ears for some of the vines/memes/funny videos because they will hurt. HEADPHONES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

I didn’t disable the comments because there were mean ones, I disabled them because there are simply too many to handle, so I cannot filter out the rude ones. Sorry!

I changed the thumbnail to a little something I made after taking a picture of Totoro when he was angry. XD


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