Preliminary knowledge and keeping of budgerigar parrots



budgerigar parrots: Often can see the parrot outside, although do not know what kind of variety, but will be for their beautiful and lovely to stop and watch more because they will speak and curious. But also because of this and want to understand their ideas, in this looking for budgerigar parrots to do the initial understanding is also shared to everyone.

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First, understand the beauty of budgerigar parrots

1, features and varieties

Parrot family origin of southern Australia, head and back feathers were yellow and black stripes like budgerigar skin, called budgerigar parrot. Body length of about 20 cm, the head was round, beak with hook, legs shorter, two toes forward, two toes back, easy to climb the tree, climbing.

2, bird beak gender identification

Birds beak around the upper part of the nose there is a layer of wax, most of the sex can be distinguished by the color of the wax, in general, the male bird bird wax is light blue and green, adult wax into blue and white, and female birds are waxy light blue, adult After the skin color and white similar.

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3, pelvic resolution of male and female

Not all ‘budgerigar’ parrots can be used to distinguish wax, another method is to gently grasp the birds in the hand, with the fingers touch the pelvic part. In general, the gap between the female pelvis is larger than that of the male. This approach also applies to the identification of many species of birds.

4, nest specifications introduced

Standard length 25 cm, width 15 cm, height 15 cm rectangular box-like. Bird’s nest to open the mouth of 5 cm in diameter and out of the nest and the outer chamber, indoor used to lay eggs and hatch eggs, the outer room is convenient for the male to feed the birds and not disturb the chicks.

5, choose to feed feed

Budgerigar parrots relatively canary, thrush and other good wait, the main feed millet, sunflower seeds and so on. Millet is the staple of the budgerigar parrot, as the human rice in general. The love of sunflower seeds is the same as that of fresh seafood.

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Second, tune the budgerigar skin parrot chicks

1, tune from the young birds

15 days old chicks for the best choice. Novice early morning appetite is more vigorous tuning this time better. Feed to the chicks to egg-based rice, mainly by the owner of the original feeding time will be intimate for the owner to facilitate future training and training.

2, home produced by the chicks

Chicks and birds of the separation time to note that the evening is appropriate, chicks do not eat even if the night will not be hungry. Special attention should be paid to the owner in the transfer of birds must have patience before the first 5 days the most critical, if the birds are not suitable for timely return to the mother around.

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3, single feeding conditions

Do not recommend a single feeding because of the impact of the life of the budgerigar parrot. The budgerigar parrot’s mouth is powerful and hooked, and likes to bite the bite of things should choose bite-resistant metal wire cage. It should be noted that the “budgerigar” parrot is very moving, the container must be firmly fixed live.


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