Canaries When Get Sick


When you are going, to buy a new bird whether it is a canary or another humming bird. These are the signs we should be looking for before we spend our hard-earned money. Remember also that you should quarantine all new birds for as long as possible to avoid infecting the rest of your stock. Quarantine should be an absolute minimum of 30 days.

  • A healthy Canary should:
  • Be active and brisk, and move freely around the cage or aviary.
  • Be clean, bright and colorful in appearance.
  • The eyes should be clear and bright.
  • May not be singing but should be chirping and making noise.
canary bird,canaries, types of pet birds;

Canaries When Get Sick

It’s difficult to get specific about what sickness your canary might have though. It’s like when YOU have a fever, headache, and chills. You don’t really know whether you have a virus or bacterial infection or if the chili dog you had for lunch was a under the convenience store’s heat lamp to long (I speak from experience on that one) None-the-less. Once you discover that your canary is feeling under-the-weather there are things you can do to make him feel better and help him fight off the illness. Regardless of whether or not you know the cause a healthy canary bird should not do these things:

  • Be puffed up and sitting motionless.
  • Have watery or sore eyes; eyes may also be red and inflamed.
  • Should not sneeze or shiver. Have watery discharge from the beak.
  • Should not have droppings that are white and watery.
  • Be “light” with little or no body weight. Have droppings/faces around vent.
canary bird,canaries, types of pet birds;

Canaries When Get Sick

Try placing a cloth over 1/2 of his cage and placing a lamp on the other side of the cloth outside of the cage. Close enough that he can feel the warmth but. Not TOO close…I don’t want you to burn your house down. Try to use a very heavy dark cloth. You don’t want any bright light coming through the cloth.  Too much light can throw your sick canary into an early molt. Further exasperating matters and for this reason I really don’t like using household lamps.  You’re forced to turn it off at night because of the light unless you cover the entire cage with the cloth. : Feather picking amongst canaries is most commonly by caused by overcrowding. Increase the available space per bird. If lack of space is not the problem, then check for parasites / insect activities. Hormonal canaries may abuse their chicks by plucking their feathers. If they are doing it when the chicks are ready to fledge, the parents are eager to start another brood and are signaling to their young to “get out.” In this case, remove the fledglings and place them into a separate cage like Budgerigar parrots-so that you have all the canaries safe and healthy.

canary bird,canaries, types of pet birds;

Canaries When Get Sick

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