Information About Cockatiel bird Diet Plan And Breeding



Cockatail birdis one of the good and beautiful pet. Mostly people like this pet birds they want to take these birds into their homes. Cockatiel birds small in size and also free fram their smell of waste. But many people face problem to prive cliet to cockatiel bird.

Diet Planning To Cockatiel Bird

Following are the supplement provide to the cockatiel bird:

I)Make the weekly diet plane for cockatiel birds.


E.g: wild rice, cooked rice, grain pastas, barley, fruit seeds.


II)   Vegetable Leaves


  • Gabbage leaves
  • Mustard leaves
  • Sea weeds
  • Kelp


Shouldnot be give toxic and acidic food to the birds because its dangerous for ‘cockatiel birds’

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Cockatiels widely selection their colour choice by breeding and cross germination.

  • Small wird house is best for their breeding.
  • “Cockatail bird”  give 4 to 7 eggs in a cluth.
  • Size of egg could thumbnail size.
  • Complete period takes for egg breaking is 18 to 22 days.

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