Common Nutritional Diseases for Birds



In addition to the daily care is very important, they can not ignore the common diseases Oh! Usually see them jumping, put out when happy to fly, suddenly someday wrong, how to deal with it? Bird disease small knowledge of the master can not be ignored, are very important!

First, on the birds of the disease

1, lack of vitamin A

The reason for the lack of health A may be too monotonous feed, or with the right, the symptoms of this situation is the growth of birds, feathers loose, movement disorders, mild eye nose will be inflamed, serious may cause blindness The

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2, the lack of vitamin D

Is caused by lack of vitamin D or lack of light, the birds will be stunted, leg leg weakness, bird beak and claw will become soft or curved, will not like activities and often crouch aside, if the female May result in a decrease in the number of laying eggs.

3, the lack of vitamin E

May be too long to eat food or has been moldy, which led to the lack of Vitamin E inside, which will make the young baby development, and the mother of the embryos produced by the embryo is not only blocked may lead to death, and some birds will have Cerebral softening.

4, calcium and phosphorus deficiency

As the name implies, there is a lack of calcium and phosphorus in the feed ingredient, which can cause the bird’s bones to be broken or easily folded, and the young birds may have rickets, and the birds may have rickets, so the calcium and phosphorus supplements are important The

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Second, the birds of the gastrointestinal diseases

1, birds enteritis notice

Bird’s gastrointestinal ‘diseases’ are usually caused by food, get the inflammation of the birds will be depressed, feathers loose, sometimes defecation of the behavior, the anus around the feathers are fecal adhesion, and even swelling of the situation, feces For dilution sticky.

2, slow food disease notes

Stagnant food is because the birds eat hard to digest the hard food, easy to fermented feed or water will expand after the expansion of food, and lead to congestion, this time the birds usually loss of appetite is very obvious, and will be particularly irritable, While the crop will grow.

3, bird constipation notice

Birds are constipation because the lack of gravel in the feed, green fodder, fat and water, this time the birds feathers loose, irritability, you will find it often make defecation movements, but not out, so usually Let it drink plenty of water.

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Third, the birds of other “diseases”

1, the birds of the peck feather disease

Because the breeding environment is poor, too light, feeding density is too large or poor ventilation, and the lack of feed amino acids, salt, minerals and vitamins, etc., this time the birds will have pecked feathers, and even peck anus or pecking Toe of the situation.

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2, the birds of obesity

There will be obesity because of long-term feeding too much fat and lack of exercise and the lack of exercise, so that birds hoarding too much fat, this time the birds will be slow, and the female egg yolk because the fallopian tube is heavy fat oppression and can not spawning The

3, tail glands inflammation

The reason is because the lack of water bath and sand bath, tail fat gland inflammation, birds frightened, cold or cage environment caused by dirty, the birds will be depressed, feathers disheveled, loss of appetite, chills, mouth and head into the back Feather drowsiness.


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