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“Eclectus parrot “

Eclectus parrot, also known as the Purple Red Parrot, is a parrot family, belonging to the resident birds. Mainly distributed in Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia and other regions. Mainly in the tropical rainforest and lowland forest. The color of the body is very different. The male is emerald green, winged and shoulders are scarlet; the female is dark red, abdomen with blue and purple.

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Eclectus parrot (scientific name: Eclectusroratus)

Length: according to subspecies, about 30-40cm

Gender differences DNA identification

The average life expectancy is 60 years


The Eclectus parrot has about 10 subspecies

  1. Vosmari Eclectus parrot (Eclectus. R. Vosmaeri)
  2. Westerman Eclectus parrot (Eclectus. Westermann)
  3. Eclectus parrots (Eclectus. Roratus)
  4. Red edge or New Guinea Eclectus (Eclectus. Polychords)
  5. Eclectus parrots (Eclectus. Aruensis)
  6. Australia Eclectus parrot (Eclectus. Macgillivray)
  7. Ecorus. Ecomonas (Eclectus. Solomons’s)
  8. Biagus ecology (Eclectus. Biaki)
  9. Cornelia eclectic (Eclectus. Cornelia)
  10. Training or Red Delicate Parrot (Eclectus. Riedel)

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Which is the largest size of the Australian ecstasy parrot, about 38-40cm, the smallest is the Ecuadorian Eclectus parrot, about 30-32cm, and generally known as the golden tail compromise, so many of the ‘Eclectus parrot’ is different subspecies hybrid breeding, identification It is difficult to identify the subspecies of the parrot, and most of them are subject to the external characteristics of the female bird, and the appearance of most of the male birds is almost the same, and it is difficult to identify, but there are still some signs to follow the ecology of the parrot in various terrain, Forests, grasslands, mangroves, coconut groves and crop areas such as 1900m below sea level, the most often in the crop area, coastal areas and low-altitude forest infested.

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In the breeding season, often only the male birds are gathered together, although in most areas the number of parrots is fairly stable, in the island of Arbour, Sabah Island and Kazakhstan Luku Island’s ethnic groups in the poachers of the three islands of the Eclectus parrot has been extinct, and another rare Cornelia Eclectus parrot is also on the verge of extinction, the world’s total number of Eclectus parrots should be more than 300,000; breeding season varies from place to place, A production of 2 eggs, female birds during the incubation period, one day from the nest 2 times to the male bird feeding, 26 days after hatching, 3 months after the feathers grow into.

The main food is fruit, buds, flowers and nectar, nuts, seeds, etc., especially love bananas, mango, fig and papaya

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A large number of eggs produced 2 eggs, incubation period of about 28 days, 70-80 days after the young birds feathers grow, small Eclectus parrots about 2 years old when breeding capacity, large to be 4 to 5 years, but according to the senior breeder Experience, “Eclectus parrot” about five or six years old will have a more stable breeding.



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