Facts About Toucan



Facts About Toucan: Toucan called the mostly medium-sized birds, looks slightly like hornbill, beak great, but lighter weight, mouth edge serrated, mouth bright colors. Toucan bird feathers are also rich in color, black more, omnivorous, distributed in the Latin American tropical region.

Basic Information

Habitat: rainforest, woodland, promenade forest, grassland.

Body size: body length 36-79 cm (including beak); weight 115-860 grams; male beak is usually longer than the female

Body weight: black with red, yellow and white, or black and green supplemented by yellow, red and maroon, or the whole body to green, or yellow and blue-based ride with yellow, red and maroon. The sexes are similar in coloring, except for the species of small trolls and some of the species.

Beep: generally not pleasant, often like frogs, dogs barking, or for mumbling, clapping or sharp harsh sound; but a few species have beautiful sounds of song or sad song.

Nest: nest in the natural cave; some will stay in the woodpecker or large intends to nest, or direct expulsion of the nest and then expand the nest.

Eggs: egg number 1-5; white, no markings. The incubation period of 15-18 days, chicks nest period 40-60 days.

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Facts About Toucan

Scientific Classification

Sector: animal kingdom

Door: Chordata Chordata

Gang: Aster

Head:  shaped head Piciformes

Division: Division Ramphastidae

Is: Ramphastids

The Main Type

  • Guanshan Toucan. Andigena cucullate
  • Ash and Ducks Toucan. Andigena hypoplasia
  • Bianchi Mountain Toucan. Andigena lamin rostis
  • Black mouth mountain trolls Andigena nig Iro tris
  • Auracorhynchus coeruleicinctis
  • Chestnut Toucan Aulacorhynchus Serbians
  • Aulacorhynchus haematophagous
  • Yellow Toucan Aulacorhynchus haulage
  • Green Toucan Aulacorhynchus precious
  • Aulacorhynchus sulcus
  • Orange Toucan Baillonius billion
  • Black – necked cluster tongue Tourette Pteroglossus aracari
  • White Pokemon Tourette Pteroglossus azara
  • Pteroglossus beauharnaesii
  • Pantaglossus bitorquatus
  • Pteroglossus castanotis
  • Pleurotus ostrich bite pteroglossus erythropygius
  • Red mouth cluster tongue giant bird Pteroglossus frantzii
  • Pittoglossus inscriptus
  • Pteroglossus-mariae
  • Pteroglossus~pluricinctus
  • Pteroglossus sanguineus
  • Pantoglossus torquatus
  • Green cluster tongue troll bird Pteroglossus viridis
  • Black mouth mouthbrows Ramphastos ambiguus
  • Choco Trolls Ramphastos brevis
  • Light yellow throat mouth petite Ramphastos citreolaemus
  • Yellow mouth peak troll bird Ramphastos culminatus
  • South America Toucano Ramphastos cuvieri
  • Red chest trolls
  • Mouthful mouthbrows Ramphastos sulfuratus
  • Chestnut mouthbrows Ramphastos swainsonii
  • Toucan Monkey Ramphastos TOCO
  • Red mouth mouthbrows Ramphastos tucanus
  • Hooded Toucan. Ramphastos vitellinus
  • Guyana Little Toucan Selenidera culik
  • The little giants Selenidera gouldii
  • Little mouthbirds Selenidera maculirostris
  • Tea to be small giants Selenidera nattereri
  • Selenidera reinwardtii
  • Yellow ear small trolls Selenidera spectabilis

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Life Habits

Facts About ToucanWith the cluster, hi habitat in the tree shoots; also for the most noisy forest birds, can issue rumbling loud noise, horn sound and harsh sound. Its nest built in the high tree hole. When you eat something, always peck the food with the tip of the mouth, and then raise the neck, throw the food up, and then open the mouth, the food will be accurate access to the throat, without having to After that long mouth, spend time in the process of “swallow”. Toucan is omnivorous, with fruit, seeds and insects for food, and sometimes plundered the bird’s lair, eat eggs and chicks.

‘Toucan’ has a different range of species, but also non-social species. The crowds of greets are generally small, flying into a series of stars, rather than as a group of parrots into a dense group. Large-scale Toucan species often fly the first wing number, and then the wings were falling trend, and then the wings for a short distance glide, and then began to fly on the wing. As long-distance flight for them is difficult, so rarely through large tracts of open or wide river. Small species is much faster than the fan wing frequency, which cluster tongue troll bird looks like a long tail puff but also showed a single flight. The tigers are in the trunk and branches of the tree, and they will bathe in the tree holes above the water. Spouses will feed each other, but habitat in the branches when not close together, but with a long beak gently to the other side of the comb.

Occasionally, the Toucan will play the “game” – probably related to the establishment of the individual’s dominance, which will affect future paired couples. If the beak of the two birds “close combat”, will be closely linked to push each other, until one party was forced to retreat. Then there will be another bird who will turn the beak to the winner, and the winning party will continue to accept the next bird’s challenge. In another game, a troll bird throws a fruit, another bird caught in the air, and then in a similar way to the third bird, the latter may continue to throw to the next bird.

Toucan back and tail base of the spine evolved very uniquely, so that the tail can be affixed to the head. So, when the tigers perched head and beak buried in the forward covered tail feathers, looks like a velvet ball.

Food Situation

Mainly to the fruit, but also insects, invertebrates, lizards, snakes, small birds and birds of birds and chicks. They are in the tree activities, not climbing forward, but jump forward, in the ground activities, the two feet are very open. Usually they only male or female pairs or small family as a unit, occasional groups of activities, there is always a bird as a sentry alert.

Toucan to eat fruit-based, diet also includes insects and some vertebrates. Some trolls will be very active (sometimes in pairs or groups) predation of parsley, snakes, birds of birds and chicks. Some Toucans will follow the army of ants with dense linen to capture the arthropods and vertebrates disturbed by ants. Robbed the nest, the troll’s colorful giant beak often make the victim of the birds scared a move did not dare to move, did not dare to attack. Only after the trolls take off, the angry bird will fight back, and even step on the back of the flying Toucan, but before the landing will carefully choose to retreat.

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Multi-Functional Beak

Facts About ToucanThe beak’s beak is actually very light, far from looking as heavy. Outside is a thin layer of the horny sheath, which is hollow, but there are much fine bone support bar staggered arranged; although there is such an internal reinforcement, the beak bird’s beak is still very fragile, sometimes broken. However, some individuals in the beak part of the apparent lack of still can survive for a long time.

Toucan’s tongue is very long, the beak edge was obvious jagged, beak around the mouth no mouth to be. The skin of the exposed part of the face and the jaw is usually brightly colored. There are several kinds of light eyes of light in the (black) pupil before and after the dark shadow, so that their eyes look like a horizontal slit.

For centuries, naturalists have been studying the use of such exaggerated beaks. It allows these rather bulky birds to pick up berries and seeds on the outer trunks (can not afford their weight) when they are in the thicker crowns. They grabbed the food with the beak tip and then turned up, the head raised, the food fell into the throat. This behavior can explain the length of the beak, but failed to explain its thickness and gorgeous coloring.

The beak’s beak also makes them dominate the other fruit birds in the foraging tree. In addition, you can also help different species of trolls to identify each other. As in the forests of Central America, black-headed trolls and thick-mouthed monsters are exactly the same, and only through the beak (and the sound) to distinguish. The beak-beak’s beak shows almost all of the rainbow colors (only one of the seven colors) – in this sense it’s another name, the rainbow mouth mouthbrows may be appropriate. And its kind of black-headed black-headed beak is mainly maroon, while in the maxillary have a lot of yellow. The beak’s beak can also be used for courtship, because the male beak is relatively slender, like a half-moon knife, and the bird’s beak looks short and wide.

Distribution Range

Large species of giant birds, the seven species of the genus Tourette, mainly inhabit the lowland rainforest, sometimes appearing in the open space near the sparse trees. At least 1,700 meters above sea level where they rarely see their shadow. Their beak into a clear jagged, into the bird’s nose hidden in the beak under the base. Body feathers are mainly black or chestnut black. Most of the sorrows are hoarse, but the black-headed troll’s song (“Dio cries, crying – da, crying”) sounds quite pleasant in the distance, the sound of the red mouth This is also true. They will repeatedly call such notes.

Facts About ToucanThe ten species of the genus Dictyophora are small and slender, longer tail. They also live in warm forests and marginal areas, rarely appear at an altitude of 1,500 meters above the place. Upper body black or dark green, the waist is dark red, the head is usually black and maroon; lower body to yellow-based, most of the species have one or more black or red markings, sometimes forming a large chestnut. Their long beak presents a variety of colors, including black and yellow, black and ivory, maroon and ivory, orange, red and so on. 

The beak margin is generally jagged, black or ivory, looks like a few teeth. There are unique crown feathers, wide and thick, shiny, like a metal scrap on the glaze after the coiled up. The bite of the tongue is usually a series of sharp harsh sounds, or the kind of rattling click on a motorcycle; a few species do not have a similar mechanical sound, but for the whine. At least some of the cluster-style monsters are habitat in the caves throughout the year, and so far this has not been found in other species of trolls – although other tattoos will inhabit holes in the birds’ farms. 

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Green Toucan are six species of small and medium-sized birds, body weight to green-based. The song is usually a series of lengthy and insignificant guttural sounds, similar to frogs and barking, and dry ticks.

Most of them live in cold mountain forests at an altitude of 1,000-3,600 meters, and a few species are part of lowland warm forests. Central African yellow trolls are endangered species.

Six small trolls live in Honduras to the lowland rainforest in northern Argentina, rarely appear at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Compared with other Toucan, their sociality is not strong, and body weight more change. All types have red tail feathers and yellow or golden ear feathers. They and several cluster tongue trolls are one of the few species of bisexual differences in the mouthbirds; chicks grow long enough to identify sex by body feathers. Tea beak little beak bird’s beak is reddish brown and green with sky blue and ivory markings. While the southeastern southeastern orange turtles feathers are mainly green and gold to yellow, with a little red. This bird is the only species of the Baillonius genus, which seems to have a certain relationship with the cluster tongue. It is usually found in areas of 400-1,000 meters above sea level, sometimes regarded as orchards.

Facts About Toucan

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Four large mountain bite birds are relatively well known. As their genus “Andigena” implies, these birds live in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela northwest to Bolivia. Their distribution ranges from sub-tropical regions to temperate high-altitude areas, even close to 3,650 m of forest lines. Black mouth can be described as a typical representative of the colorful: the lower body of light blue (rare in the Toucan), head black, throat white, back and wings to brown-based, waist is yellow, tail Cover feathers for deep red, and legs and tail tips for maroon. The male and female birds will bow their heads and whistle at the end of the twitter, and then raise their heads and let go (this process is very similar to the little trolls), accompanied by the beak sound. One of the most well known is the flat mouth of the mouth of the Toucan, they are red and black beak on the side of a raised yellow spots. The bird is one of the two threatened species of the mountain bite bird, due to the large number of deforestation in the western slope of the Andes. Forest damage caused by planting agricultural cash crops, operating farms and mining may soon threaten the survival of most trolls – because their habitat will be occupied by humans.

Breeding Status

Most of the large-scale monster species will nest on the trunk due to decay from the hole, and if the nest breeding success will be used year after year. However, since such a tree hole is not available everywhere, it is possible to limit the number of spouses born. In general, the mouth of the trolls love the wood is good, the width of the opening just to make birds into the hole depth of 17 cm -2 meters. Of course, if there is a suitable cave near the trunk of the trunk, it will also attract the usual nesting at the height of the nest will be near the ground. Such as the mouth of the birds will nest nest on the ground of the termite or mud. Small trolls usually occupy the old nest of woodpecker, and sometimes even expel the existing owner. The large flat mouth gulls will often encroach on the nest of the mouth – if the latter’s nest in the tree is large enough for the former. Some species of green trollbirds will be cave in the tree, and small troll bird species, mountain bite bird species and orange trolls usually choose the cave, and then on this basis for further excavation work. In fact, in many species of monstrous birds, some degree of chisel is an important part of their reproductive behavior. Nest without lining, nest of 1-5 eggs produced on the sawdust or by the seeds of the rough surface – with the nest of the progress of this layer will accumulate thicker.

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Birds and birds share the task of hatching, but often lack of patience, rarely sit for more than an hour. Vulnerable to frightening, a sign of trouble, it will immediately fly away from the nest, often will not cover up the eggs.

Hatching about 16 days old chicks born, body exposed, eyes closed, without any hairs. Foot development serious lag, but the ankle joint has a pad, that is, a larger area of the nail-shaped protrusion. Chicks began to rely on the two feet of the pad and the skin rough, protruding abdomen to form a “three feet” to support the body of the trend. And the woodpecker chicks (trolls and woodpecker shape similar), their beak is very short, slightly longer than the mandible jaw.

Facts About Toucan

The chicks are fed by their parents, and as they develop, the food is increasingly for the fruit class. But their development is surprisingly slow. Small trojans of the type of chicks grow to four weeks when the feathers are still very scarce, and larger species of chicks in a month when a large extent still belong to the naked state. Parents take care of chicks, but there is no clear at night which side is responsible for watching chicks. Large excrement and residue will be pecked out of the nest with beak, some species such as green trolls, the nest kept quite clean; and red mouth trolls will let rotten seeds remain in the nest.

When the chicks are finally full of wings, they look quite similar to the birds, but the color is bleak, has not shown the bright colors of birds; and the beak is relatively small, the beak is not jagged, there is no vertical baseline, the whole beak It takes more than a year or more to grow in the same size as the bird’s beak in size and character.

Small troll bird species of chicks in the 40 days after birth from the nest and fly, the larger species of chicks will need more than 50 days, some mountain bite bird species nesting nest period is up to 60 days. Some of the young birds of the bite of the mouth of the birds are still flying into the nest after the birds and birds with the habitat, but most of the other species of young birds since then stand alone in the leaf cluster.

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Research found

Facts About ToucanAccording to scientists related research found that the mouth of the mouth of a special purpose, in the hot days of high-temperature environment can help them cool.

Toucan’s beak surface has a lot of blood vessels flow, so this bird’s mouth is suitable as a way to release heat and keep the body temperature stable. The surface area of the beak’s beak accounts for 30% to 50% of the total area of the bird’s surface.

Scientists use infrared cameras to monitor the fallen trolls in order to see what changes the surface temperature of the beak’s beak when the ambient temperature fluctuates overnight. It was found that the temperature of the beak’s beak was 10 degrees Celsius higher than the sunset. It is clear that the bird can release or store heat by controlling the amount of blood flowing through the beak. Because the trolls do not sweat like other birds, so this may be an effective way to control body temperature. Scientists believe that the heat of the “Toucan” through the beak is four times the heat it generates, which is more effective than the elephant’s ear’s heat dissipation.

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