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Fisher parrotis also known as couple parrot, lovebird. Is a parrot, parrot family, including nine varieties, are produced in Africa. There are three types of fisher parrots in China: black fisher parrot, red fisher parrot, and yellow head fisher parrot. Fisher parrot body length is generally about 15 cm, weight 40-50 grams. Beak red, eye, and waxy white. The head is dark brown, the neck has a red ring. Upper chest light green, back, and wing green, wing side was black, tail green, feet gray. Another brown fisher parrot, head brown, commonly known as brown peony. Mainly on the ground of grass seeds, berries, fruit, plant buds for food. They will regularly go to the farming area foraging crops, causing considerable damage.


Fisher parrot body length is generally about 15 cm, weight 40 to 50 grams. Beak red, eye, and waxy white. The head is dark brown, the neck has a red ring. Upper chest light green, back, and wing green, wing side was black, tail green, feet gray. Another brown fisher parrot, head for the brown, commonly known as brown peony.

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This parrot bird is green, forehead, bird’s beak and eyes, cheeks, throat is orange; head and head behind the olive green; chest and neck is orange; the body on both sides, abdomen, tail inside Complex feather yellow-green, the top of the tail is blue; wings inside the complex feather blue and green; outside the eyes of a circle of thick white eye socket, bird beak red, iris brown. The bird is darker and the beak is black.

Fisher Parrot


In the breeding season will be composed of 20 to 80 or so groups, nature is very noisy, often not see their traces will first hear the sharp harsh tweets; they usually gathered in a large number of farming areas, forcing millet, corn And cereal crops, sometimes up to hundreds; usually they like most of the ground foraging, personality is very lively and bold, you can close in close proximity to them; they have seasonal migration habits, usually nomadic nature Bird species, the location of the event depends entirely on the availability of food or not.

Mainly on the ground of grass seeds, berries, fruit, plant buds for food. They will regularly go to the farming area foraging crops, causing considerable damage.


Tanzania, Serengeti National Park, Rwanda, Burundi; birds flying from the cage have ethnic groups all over the country, mostly in Tanzania, Kenya, and other coastal areas.

Variety Features

Fisher ParrotFisher parrot has love birds, said the existing nine varieties, for the more precious artificial breeding birds. Common varieties are glassy fisher parrot (brown fisher parrot), yellow lead black fisher parrot (black fisher parrot), golden red fisher parrot (peach face yellow fisher parrot), cherry blossom ‘fisher parrot’ (peach face green fisher parrot) and Blue fisher parrot and other varieties.

Fisher parrot as a result of artificial breeding, feathers bright, so loved by the birds. Year can multiply, generally 3 to 5 nest, 4 to 6 eggs per nest, but also bring considerable economic benefits.

Glazed fisher parrot produced in Africa, Tanzania, body length of about 14 cm, dorsal, lower abdomen, the chest is dark green, the amount of red, throat yellow-orange, neck and upper chest for the light yellow orange, waist is dark blue, tail feather outside Blue, green, black feathers, mouth red, feet gray, eyes exposed with white eye ring.

Sakura brother fisher parrot produced in southern Africa, the feather color of the main green, forehead, and head for the red, face and chest for the light peach, waist and tail for the blue, the color is more beautiful.

Golden FisherFisher parrot produced in central Africa, feather color to bright yellow-based, crown red, head and cheek for the pink, feet, mouth is yellow, tail white, bright colors.

Blue Fisher parrot is an improved variety, its size and other fisher parrot are almost the same. Feather color to blue-based, head light black or dark gray, neck, Chest, upper abdomen is white or brown, mouth pale pink, feet gray, eye with a white meat ring. Due to different levels of improvement, there will be offspring feather color is not clear, blue degree of poor, poor color and so on. At present, the highest price of blue and black pepper parrot, purebred price of up to a thousand dollars a pair.

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fisher parrot

Fisher parrot ferocious, with strong bullying, gorgeous female more prominent, loud and miscellaneous, sometimes disturbed by noise, but also to other birds attack, then if the female and male paired breeding are the sound of sharp Less, temperament improved, so keep the fisher parrot in pairs is better.

The first raise can raise brown fisher parrot and peach face yellow fisher parrot, with less good. If the patient at home or neurasthenia, it is best not to raise, so as to avoid the patient’s nose and the patient’s rehabilitation.

If you keep the fisher parrot for the purpose of economic income, it is best to arrange in the countryside or more remote place to keep the noise to prevent others. In order to achieve the best benefits, each can be 30 pairs of brown fisher parrots with 15 pairs of peach face yellow fisher parrot, the purpose is to force peach face yellow fisher parrot lay eggs and let the brown fisher parrot hatched (nanny birds).


Also called yellow collar black (head) Fisher parrot, (black) camouflage couple parrot, yellow robe black fisher parrot, mask lovebird, is a small parrot. Originated in Africa, easy to breed, now as a pet in the rest of the world.

Rearing environment 

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Breeding conditions

Fisher ParrotFisher parrots in the year except for the hot summer, the other seasons can be breeding. The average female lay eggs 6-8 per nest, incubation period of about 19 days. During the incubation process, the males stick to the nest and feed the female, while the female in addition to feeding, drinking water and defecation out, always stick to hatch. Chicks shelled by the female feeding, 35-40 days before leaving the nest, 50 days or so to live independently, six and a half months to achieve sexual maturity.

Fisher parrots are suitable for rearing, and their cages can be arranged according to the needs of the exhibition, and there is a suitable open space for their movement.

Spring, summer, and autumn, should have moderate light. North winter should be maintained at 15 ~ 22 ℃. The cage can be surrounded by fine wire mesh, or with thick glass to be enclosed. Family feeding a small amount (1 to 5 pairs), can be modified with wooden box, one side is equipped with a suitable metal mesh, carefully feeding, that is, to get a better enjoyment and breeding effect. Keep the cage to be clean and clean, for its food is also beneficial to clean. Cage with sufficient thickness suitable for habitat, favorable movement and rest.

Feed preparation

Artificial rearing environment in the fisher parrot can be fed with a variety of feed, such as biscuits, bread, bread, rice, vegetables, a variety of fruits. Park or zoo a large number of rearing, available tiger parrot mixed pellets as the main feed, while feeding enough vegetables and fruits, you can successfully achieve the breeding. During brooding, 70% of cooked corn flour, 28% of cooked eggs and 2% of mixed powder of bone meal. Beneficial to the normal growth of chicks. A variety of wild grass and dandelion, etc., are the ideal green fisher parrot feed.

Fisher parrot feed preparation has some know-how, not because it likes to eat what to feed what, but should be a variety of feed with a reasonable.

Egg rice: 1 kg millet plus 4 egg yolk stir, the amount of the total amount of 40% of the total fed.

Rice: rice with rice husk is better, rice seed coat Fisher parrot is like to eat, can add starch, protein, trace elements and a variety of vitamins, and can increase the beak chewing ability. Consumption of the total amount of 30% of the total feed.

Millet: generally accounted for 10% of the total amount of feed a 15%.

The rest can be fed pork, barnyard grass, melon seeds and so on. According to practical experience, it is better to feed 10-20 grains per day.

In the feeding, it was added “gold dimension he”, it was added “quick-fill 14”, there are people plus vitamin and all kinds of additives, but according to practice, no matter what should pay attention to the amount of control, if the amount of Moderate, not only can not afford a good effect but will cause some harm.

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Fisher Parrot


  • How to reduce “white eggs”?

“White eggs” is not fertilized eggs, “white eggs” increase will seriously affect the reproductive rate of fisher parrot. Produce “white eggs” for the following reasons: First, the pairing birds are female: the second is the pair of female eggs, but the eggs, but the male is not mature; third is the male is a disabled bird, toes are incomplete, making Mismatch is not successful; Fourth, the external environment of discomfort, such as noise, frightened, the air is not in circulation, hot and so on. Once the above situation has occurred, should take appropriate measures.

In order to improve the egg laying rate of fisher parrots and reduce the “white eggs”, birds can try to feed the Beijing Wildlife Conservation Center of special feed and additives, while paying attention to the usual feeding management. Spring bird easy “get angry”, so the fire is the key. Reduce the fire method is: usually, to feed clean rape, lettuce or cabbage, must not feed lentils and eggplant. To enhance physical and anti-diarrhea, you can feed some purslane, the effect is very good. Also usually pay attention to observation, a disease should be timely treatment.

  • how to increase the ability of fisher parrot shell?

To hatch out the fisher parrot, broken shell is also a key. A lot of eggs in the incubation time is enough, or can not break the shell, the bird was suffocated in the eggshell. This phenomenon is mainly caused by calcium deficiency, calcium in the bird hull shell plays an important role, not enough calcium, bird beak soft, soft skeleton, pecking shell capacity is not strong. Some birds are used to feed the eggs to the egg method, and achieved good results. Wash the eggshell with water, stir the pot for 15 minutes, the main purpose is to disinfect. Will be disinfected eggshell dry ten, hand rub can be fed to the birds.

  • How does the aviary arrange?

Fisher parrots can be viewed or sold for sale. Fisherarrangements for fisher parrots are a very important issue. Birds to choose in the quiet environment, no interference, do not have noise, do not have environmental pollution, pay attention to air circulation, fresh air. The location of the aviary is better in the north room.

A 20 square meters of the North House can keep the 60 Tibetan parrot parcels, each cage 1 pair, that is, 60 pairs. If the house can be arranged more than two, the distribution is a cage, – ‘between the back room. Cage is mainly used for breeding, free play mainly used for birds to develop birds, birds, the greater the activity space, the body will be more robust.

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In rural areas to carry tons of homes should pay attention to anti-snake, anti-cat, anti-mosquito.

In the city, in the balcony and buildings in the building to pay attention to the ventilation and lighting, pay attention to the room not too dark, do not grow in the absence of light or low light, breeding, or the eggs of the eggs and hatching adverse. If the light can be used 60-watt light 2 to 3 fill light.

It was suggested that the night to open the lights to 10 o’clock, or even to 11 o’clock. In fact, this is no need to do this is not only no good, but the birds are bad. Because in the case of strong light at night, the birds rest well, laying and hatching are not stable, so broken shell rate, egg production rate is low, and sometimes even lay eggs and not hatch.

In order to improve the hatching rate, the birds should arrange appropriate, do not be too close.

Birds inside the cage to pay attention to the height, the end of the post to pad the brick or other mats, so well ventilated, and to prevent the rat bite.

Such as the need to cover the aviary, pay attention to the leeward sunny, but also pay attention to the temperature in winter to ensure that the temperature of 16 degrees Celsius,

  • how to install and manage the nest?

Anna makes the fisher parrot has a place to lay eggs and hatch. Fisher parrot nest for the two layers, in the upper should put some pieces of wood chips and other things. Sawdust is to make the fisher parrot in the nest when the incubation of the “foot” (pick) with, to prevent the fisher parrot with beak pecking nest and bite the other wood plate caused by the loss.

Nest to open the mouth, observe the door outside, so easy to observe.

Fisher parrot 1 nest 2 to 3, good nutrition, management can sometimes produce 4 pieces. Head nest hatching rate is generally about 70%.

For the plant to improve and hatching rate, in the cage to place a small piece of burned honeycomb as well, after the high temperature of the honeycomb reached the purpose of disinfection, sterile substances, birds are not easy to eat after eating. In addition, the coal is rich in trace elements and minerals, both less money, but also to supplement the effect of adding some nutrients.



Fisher parrot

1, head type (see): male head for the back of the head, head, and head slightly smaller; female head type is flat, sleek, pure head, slightly larger than the male head.

2, body size (see): male body thin, tight, moving, fierce, eyebrows away from the head of the distance, eyes were small; female body fat, hair slightly loose, not very moving, eye from the head The distance is close, the eye is big.

3, horizontal bar posture: the male in the hump on the bargain for the stand, head trembling, and significantly vigorous; female lying bars for the floating horizontal, lying on the hoarding, docile.

4, tail feathers (see): male tail tip tip tip, for the V-type; female tail tip fork was W-type.

5, cloaca (touch): the male cloaca performance between the pubic symphyses is small, and the performance of Xingxing-like (ie, sharp); female cloaca for the distance between the two pubescent’s, especially into a middle finger can reach , And flat, no protrusion, this method is particularly accurate identification, experienced from the bird can be correct

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In the colony of the ocean, the British began to keep the tiger parrot. In 1840 the British naturalist John Golde took the tiger parrot into the UK, and soon a large number of tiger-parrots into the UK, and the emergence of a large parrot market. As the tiger parrot breeding ability, a variety of new plumage varieties of the emergence of more people’s interest, is still people keen pet.

parrot bird

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Artificial breeding tiger skin parrot body than wild species, life is longer. Wild species of general life of 7-8 years, artificial breeding species up to 12 years, and even more can live more than 20 years.

Tigers parrots can be imitated in the early days of domestication, many records indicate that they have a strong ability to imitate. In 2012, there was a man in Japan to keep the tiger parrot escape, because it can read his name and home address, and ultimately returned to the owner’s hands. According to the owner said that since the past has also been lost parrot so deliberately taught it to speak their own name and address.

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