For Sale Parrotlet Breeding Singles Blue, Pied, Green Split Blue Parrotlets




We raise hand-fed Pacific Parrotlet babies and have many available including the ones seen in this video –Domaint Blue Pied Parrotlet Male #406 — Green Split Blue Female #388″….Blue Split White Male #544…. Blue Split Yellow Female #517… Blue Male #511,, All parrotlets come with a 10 Day Health Guarantee. Parrotlet color mutations available: green, blue, yellow, pastel, white, pieds, fallow, turquoise, albino, lutinos, & more. For more information on the Pacific Parrotlet seen in this video or to view our list of current available tame hand fed parrotlets babies ~ please visit our website ~~ Email: ~~ Toll Free (888) 887 – 1261. Thanks Everyone!


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