How To Make Homemade Hummingbird Food



3 Ways to Make Homemade Hummingbird Food

Homemade hummingbird food: As we all know, hummingbird is a magical creature. They seem to dance in the air, like a long wings of the little cheetah roared past. You can hang in the yard filled with homemade hummingbird food feeders, to attract these beautiful birds. Follow these steps to attract those birds to stay in your backyard for some time.

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Make a delicious drink for hummingbirds

homemade hummingbird food

1) Make a high sugar solution to attract the hummingbird to your yard. Sugar mixture helps to keep visiting hummingbirds in the area. Spring high-energy foods are also important for hummingbirds because it helps to supplement the energy reserves consumed by the hummingbird during the migration process.

  • Avoid buying nutrient-enhanced hummingbird nectar.We do not need it, it is no good for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds get the nutrients they need from flowers and their edible insects, and when they fly, you are offering quick drinks (similar to our cup of coffee) for them.

homemade hummingbird food

2) Mix 1 part white sugar and 2 parts warm water. Mix the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved. Canned sugar is sucrose and belongs to the family of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are easy to digest and provide hummingbirds with direct energy needed to flush those little wings.

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homemade hummingbird food

3) Cook sugar for 1 to 2 minutes. Sugar boiling will slow down any possible bacterial growth. Boiling can also remove the chlorine or fluoride that exists in tap water (these may hurt the hummingbird). If you just make a small amount of direct food, then there is no need to boil.

  • If you do not cook this step, you may need to change food every 1 to 2 days, otherwise the breeding of bacteria inside may damage the hummingbird.

homemade hummingbird food

4) Do not add any pigment in the food. Although the hummingbird likes red, but the red dye will hurt the hummingbird. Natural Hummingbird Food (Manna) is tasteless, clean, and there is no need to add pigment to your ‘homemade hummingbird food’.

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homemade hummingbird food

5) Ready to store homemade hummingbird food before use. Put the food in the fridge. If you do a lot of food, you can put the excess in the refrigerator, until you need to add food to the hummingbird when the re-use. This will save the time to supplement the food.

homemade hummingbird food

6) Choose the right feeder. The red feeder is the best because the red attracts the hummingbird. If possible, you should put your feeder in a cool place because the nectar keeps fresh for a long time in the shade. If you have a garden, hang your feeder in it. Hang your feeder near the window (but make sure the cat is not enough) so that you can watch these beautiful birds.

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  • Some hummingbird enthusiasts are advised not to hang the feeder too close to the window, to prevent hummingbirds hit the glass to hurt themselves.


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Method :2

Prevent Mold And Fermentation

homemade hummingbird food

1) You should know that if your food produces mold and fermented, it will cause harm to the hummingbird. So when your sugar moldy need to change the new. Yeast will absorb sugar, leading to fermentation, which may cause harm to the hummingbird. Warm, sugary homemade hummingbird food is also a good place for mold and bacterial growth.

homemade hummingbird food

2) Check as much as possible whether the feeder is moldy. If possible, check every other day. Pay close attention to your feeder will ensure that hummingbirds are not hurt. If you find mold, mix a quarter of the bleach in a liter of water. Feed the feeder inside for an hour. Wipe off the mold before re-filling the food, and then rinse the feeder thoroughly.

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homemade hummingbird food

3) Clean your feeder before you add food. Rinse the feeder with hot tap water. Do not use soap, hummingbirds do not like the taste of soap. If there is soap residue, the hummingbird will avoid your feeder.

homemade hummingbird food

4) Regularly replace food. Please note that the time you hang the “homemade hummingbird food” on the outside depends on the temperature at which the feeder is located.

  • If the temperature is 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 26 degrees Celsius), every 5 to 6 days to change food.
  • The temperature is 81 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 30 degrees Celsius), change food every 2 to 4 days.
  • Temperature exceeds 91 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius), replace the food every day.

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Method :3

Enhance the attractiveness of food

homemade hummingbird food

1) Determine the effectiveness of food. After a few weeks, you can reduce the amount of sugar. This will make the feeding around more lively, the birds will be more frequent. A sugar three copies of water or a sugar four water out of the sugar will be more dilute. After the sugar is diluted, the hummingbird will always come back to eat.

  • Do not let sugar water less than 1 sugar 4 parts of water concentration.If the food contains too little sugar, the hummingbird consumes more energy when it comes back and forth to the feeder.
  • You need to make the food sweet enough and the nutrition is high enough so that you do not have to always fill the feeder, but do not be sweet enough to reduce the number of visits to the birds so that the number of times you see them will be reduced.The use of foods with very high sugar content will add high energy to hummingbirds, which will allow them to visit again longer.

homemade hummingbird food

2) Planting hummingbirds like flowers. If you have tried different sugar, but still no hummingbirds to visit, then the plant flowers may be able to attract hummingbirds over.


  • Here are some species of hummingbirds like plants: bees, oleander, lupine, hollyhock, flag leaf blue, red sub-column flower, coral bell, hair yellow, safflower lotus, lantana, tail Grass, butterfly bush, hibiscus, trumpet vines, trumpet honeysuckle, cross vine, Carolina jasmine and Indian powder (deer grass).

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  • If the hummingbird can not eat all the food before the food is bad, then put a little food in the feeder, so that you can avoid throwing all the food.
  • Do not use honey, sugar, brown sugar, artificial sweeteners or any other type of sugar or sweetener instead.The chemical composition of other sweeteners is not the same, can not meet the nutritional needs of hummingbirds. Some of these sweeteners may even cause hummingbirds to die or die.

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