Hot summer birds pay attention to clean and ventilated



Summer birds: We are all in the cool air-conditioned room, but this hot weather, the family has a summer birds owner and inevitably worry about the hot temperature will hurt the birds, and this Hot environment, how to take care of baby birds? Come together to understand this knowledge!

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First, hot summer birds must be careful

1, mosquito and air conditioning

Summer is the most annoying than a large number of mosquitoes to prevent mosquito bites can be in the bird room breeding body mosquitoes, live in the night when the bird cage covered with shade, and summer do not be afraid of bird hot, air conditioning will affect the inverted hair, Warming leads to death.

2, direct sunlight and food

In the summer, the birds keep the owner should pay attention to the outside, can not put the birds in the sun direct place, and every day to clean up bird food and water, so that birds can be clean and comfortable environment in the diet, Once the food poisoning trouble.

In summer, there are birds who are also worried about the birds are not worried about the birds will be bad?

3, lack of food and get angry

Birds in the summer diet is twice as usual, so pay special attention to the supply of birds food and water, and the summer to feed fresh fruits, less feeding meat and eggs, and do not feed any supplements, so as not to The birds are too busy to catch up.

summer birds

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Second, the ‘summer birds’ feeding and management

1, can not underestimate mosquitoes

Many people do not understand the harm of mosquitoes to birds and more serious, mosquito bites will make the bird’s eyes, mouth and feet and other bare parts of the bare hair caused by inflammation and swelling, and even infected with fowl pox, so anti-mosquito work must To be true.

2, walking the birds both clean

You can choose the sun is not spicy morning or evening when the birds go out with the walk, and with the birds out, you can sort out the cage, the bird’s environment completely clean and disinfected, let the birds have Clean and comfortable home.

3, sub-cage feeding important

When the male and female have been completed breeding work, it is best to sub-cage feeding, sub-cage feeding can ensure the health and physical recovery of the birds, but also to ensure the optimization of the summer birds, and if the family kept other pets, They are close to the birds.

summer birds

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Third, the birds take care of the matter

1, the way the birds take a bath

Birds can bathe in the birdcage placed a special bath shallow water tank, this approach is the disadvantage of wet bird cage, or the birds on the water bath cage, so that birds free to clean, and finally you can use the spray method to help Birds take a bath, these three methods can be.

2, the benefits of bird bathing

Water bath for birds, is a kind of exercise is also a kind of enjoyment, and beneficial birds health, through the water bath, you can clean up the dust on the feathers and remove the parasites in vitro, and can nourish the skin, help the birds heat.

3, good ventilation and sunshine

In the balcony to help the birds bath to pay attention to ventilation, sunshine and temperature is good, if the environment is too wet and dark, it will easily breed bacteria, in plenty of sunshine, the UV can sterilization, but also to the “summer birds” as soon as possible evaporation of water and cold The

4, health work matters

When you take a bath, you can soak the cage directly into the large shallow basin, which will make the birds happy in the inside. Although you can make the birds enjoy yourself, be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage. Soaked, and no residual drug.

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