How To Raise a Bird



How To Raise a Bird: In the spring can often see the lost birds born, they sent the poor chirp, even the soul of the most heart of the soul, will be evoked maternal. It is natural that you will want to pick up them to take care of them. But before you do this, you need to take the time to assess the following situation, to ensure that you make a benefit to the birds. Is it really abandoned? How To Raise a Bird Does the local community center have the appropriate organization to take care of you? If you decide to take care of your own bird, then you have to know what responsibility you bear – the newly born bird is very fragile and needs to be fed regularly. If you feel you can take on the job, then this article will tell you about feeding and caring for bird knowledge.

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Assess the situation

How to raise a bird

1) To identify the birds are late into the chicks or early birds. The first thing you need to do is identify whether the bird is a late or early bird. Late when the chicks are born with eyes closed, no feathers and completely dependent on their parents to get food and calories. Most of the habitat birds and tweets are late chicks, such as robin, bluebird and main cardinals. Early birds are more mature at birth, they hatch when the eyes are open, there are soft hair. They can walk and follow the mother, walking pecking. The types of early birds are small birds, ducks and geese.

  • Early birds are easier to take care of than late chicks, but they do not need to take care. Early birds usually nest on the ground, so the birds will not fall from the nest or be thrown down. If you find a lost chick, try to find its mother and do not take it right away.
  • Just hatch out late into the young is completely incapable, so need help. It is very common for the late arrivals to fall from the nest or be thrown into the suburbs. In some cases, you can put the bird back in the nest, but in some cases you need to take care of it. You do not care about it, let it in the place to resign fate is also possible.

How to raise a bird

2) Identify whether the bird is a young bird or a bird that is just flying. If you encounter a habitat bird or tweeter, you guess it is falling from the nest or abandoned, you first want to identify it is a young bird or just learn to fly birds. The chicks were born to have no ability to leave the nest, because they have not yet fully grown feathers, and even have not opened their eyes. Just fly the birds are bigger, they have grown feathers, and have the strength to learn to fly. They may leave the nest and know how to inhabit and seize the branches.

  • If it is only chicks, then it should not be in the nest, is certainly what happened. It may be out of it, it may be relatively strong brothers and sisters launched. ‘How To Raise a Bird The abandoned chicks have little chance of surviving if they are alone.
  • If you meet a bird that will fly, it will take some time to identify the situation and then move. Although it looks like a drop or abandoned, poorly beat the wings, chirping to call, but it may just learn to fly. If you look long enough, you may find it back to feed its parents back. If so, you do not need to intervene.

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How to raise a bird

3) If you can, put the bird back in the nest. If you are sure you are a young bird, it is helplessly lying on the ground, then you can put it back in the nest. First, see if you can find the nest in a nearby tree or in a bushes. Bird’s nest may be very difficult to find. Then pick up the bird, hold it up with one hand, and hold it on the other hand until it gets warmer. Check whether it is injured below, if it looks like no problem, then gently put it back in the nest.

  • Do not worry that the birdie parents will refuse it because the bird is stained with “people”. This is a very old legend. The smell of birds is actually poor, they mainly through the visual and auditory recognition of the baby. In most cases, they will accept the birds back to the nest.
  • When you put the bird back in the nest, leave immediately – do not wait for its parents to come back in the neighborhood, so you will only scare them. If you can, view the nest from the house with a telescope.
  • It is important to note that in many cases the bird is not sure to keep it alive. If it is the weakest bird in the nest, it is likely to be thrown out of the nest again by strong companions, as they will fight for food and warm places.
  • If you see the dead bird in the nest, then the nest has been abandoned, you put the bird back is useless. In this case, if you want to make sure they survive, you need to take care of it and its brothers and sisters.

How to raise a bird

4) If necessary, build an alternative nest. Sometimes, the wind, the tree pruning or predators will make the whole nest fall. If this is the case, you can keep the nest (or build a new one) and put the bird back. If the original nest is complete, you can put it in a basket or a yellow cylinder (under the hole in order to drain), and tied with a rope tied to the nest. Try to put the nest back to the original position. How To Raise a Bird If not, on the nearby branches can also be. Just make sure that position is obscured and can stay away from direct sunlight.

  • Pick up the fallen birds, warm them by hand, and then return them to the nest. Leave the area and try to observe the nest at a distance. Birdbirds may first suspect the new bird’s nest, but their love for the birds will make them close.
  • If the original nest is completely destroyed, you can use the basket and paper towels to do a new one. Although the original nest may be made of grass, you should not use the grass to do a new nest, because the grass and water, make the birds feel cold.

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How to raise a bird

5)If you are sure that the bird is abandoned, contact the bird rehabilitation center. It is important to confirm whether the bird is really abandoned before adoption. The most common situation that a bird needs to help is: you find a fallen chick, but can not find or reach enough to the nest; the fallen chicks are injured, fragile or dirty; or you observe the new bird’s nest for two hours But still can not see its parents come back to feed the birds.


  • Encounter these conditions the best contact bird rehabilitation center, where to take care of birds. These centers have the experience of caring for birds and maximizing the chance of bird survival.
  • If you do not know where to find the bird rehabilitation center, you can contact your local veterinarian or administrator who can provide the information you need. In some cases, there may be a bird or animal center in your area, but there may be a separate, licensed bird rehabilitation center nearby.
  • If the above institutions are not, or you can not give the birds to the rehabilitation center, then you may have to take care of their own birds. Remember this is the last choice, because the care and feeding of birds is a demanding thing, and the probability of such a bird survival will be very low.
  • In addition, adoption and care of wild birds may violate the law unless you have the appropriate qualifications and certificates.


Feeding the bird

How to raise a bird

1) From sunrise to sunset, every 15 to 20 minutes to feed a bird. Birds have a strict feeding schedule – their parents need to feed back and forth hundreds of times a day. In order to maintain the original feeding frequency, you need from sunrise to sunset, every 15 to 20 minutes to feed a bird.

  • When the bird opens his eyes and begins to grow feathers, you can feed it at intervals of 30 to 45 minutes. After that, you can gradually extend the feeding interval and reduce the number of feeding.
  • When the bird is strong enough to leave the nest and start bouncing around the food box, you can feed it every hour. You can gradually extend the feeding interval to 2 to 3 hours, and you can put the food in a small box, let it pecking yourself.

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How to raise a bird

2) Know what to feed. There are several different kinds of food can be used to feed the birds, but most experts believe that as long as the birds can give enough nutrients, How To Raise a Bird what food is possible. Although different species of birds eat different foods – some eat insects, some eat seeds and plums – most of the birds have the same needs, and need to eat high protein foods.

  • For the late breed, the best food is just 60% of the puppy or kitten feed, 20% of the cooked eggs and 20% of the whitefly (which can be purchased online) mixed.
  • The feed should be wet with water until it is like a sponge, but not too much water, because the bird will be choked by excess water. Cooked eggs and whitefly should be cut into small pieces, so that birds can swallow in.

How to raise a bird

3) With the birds grow up slowly can change the different food. When the bird is ripe and starts to jump around, you can start to change the food, give it some adult birds will eat food.

  • Insectivorous birds can eat small earthworms, grasshoppers and crickets, and any insects you catch insects.
  • Eating a bird can eat plums, grapes and soaked in raisins in the water.

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How to raise a bird

4) Learn what kind of bird needs special food. Some birds need to be different from the above foods, these birds include: pigeons, parrots, hummingbirds, fish eat birds, tame birds and early birds.

  • Pigeons and parrot birds usually eat the so-called “pigeon milk”, which is a ruminant of the female bird. How To Raise a Bird In order to get a similar food, you need to feed them with a manual feed designed for parrots (available in pet stores) and fed with a plastic syringe with a needle removed.
  • Although you are very likely to encounter other kinds of birds, but you also need to know their needs: hummingbirds need specialized nectar formula, eat fish and birds need to eat small fish (available in the bait store), tame birds need Eat insects, rodents and chicks, and early birds need to eat turkey or birds.

How to raise a bird

5) Do not feed birds with bread or milk. Many people will feed the birds with milk and bread, which is wrong. Unlike mammals, milk is not part of bird food, they can not tolerate milk. Bread is full of non-nutritional value of the heat, can not give the birds to provide the necessary nutrients. You should also ensure that the food is fed at room temperature.

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How to raise a bird

6) Use the right feeding tips. How To Raise a Birds need to be carefully fed. The best feeding tool is blunt tweezers or plastic pliers. If you do not have these, you can also use the size of the bird’s feet chopsticks. When feeding, place a small piece of food on the front of the tweezers, pliers or chopsticks, and put them in the bird’s mouth.

  • Do not worry that the food will flow to other places, because the birds will close the glimpse when eating.
  • If the bird’s mouth is not open, you can use the feeding tool to gently touch its beak or use food to rub the edge of its beak. This signal can tell the bird to the time of the meal. If the bird still does not open his mouth, gently push it.
  • To the birds do not want to open the mouth or began to refuse to stop feeding food. Do not feed too much is very important.

How to raise a bird

7) Do not give the bird a drink. In particular, the birds can not drink water directly, because the liquid will fill their lungs, causing them to choke. Only when they grow big enough to bounce around the box when they can feed. At this time, you can put a container in the box, the birds will drink their own.

  • You can put a stone in the water or some marbles to prevent the birds standing inside.
  • If you think the bird is dehydrated, you need to send it to a veterinarian or bird rehabilitation center.


Take care of the birds

How to raise a bird

1) Make a temporary nest for the bird. The best way to build a nest for a bird is to use a cardboard box with a lid, such as a shoebox, and you need to play some holes on it. Put a small plastic bowl or wooden bowl inside and put on a paper towel. It made a very nice and very good nest.

  • Do not pad the rope or broken mat, because these will wrap the bird’s wings and throat. You should also avoid using grass, leaves, moss or branches, because these materials will become moist and easy to mold.
  • When the mat becomes wet or dirty, it is necessary to change one.

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How to raise a bird

2) Keep the warmth of the bird. If the bird becomes wet or cold, you need to warm it immediately. Warm it has a variety of ways. If you keep the pad, you can set it to low heat and then put the box on top. You can also put a warm water bag inside or hang a 40 watt bulb on top.

  • It is important to keep the temperature of the nest, so it is best to put a thermometer inside. If the bird is less than a week big (eyes closed, no feathers), the temperature should be around 35 degrees Celsius. Later can be reduced by 3 degrees per week.
  • Keep the box away from the sun. Because the newly hatched birds are very cold or too hot, because their body surface area is too large relative to the weight, and has not grown feathers.

How to raise a bird

3) Create a pressureless environment for birds. How To Raise a Bird can only thrive in a calm, stressless environment. When the birds are under pressure, their heart rate will be significantly improved, so that their health is harmful. Therefore, the box should be placed in a quiet environment, away from pets and children. You should also avoid exposing the bird to the following environment:

  • Excessive or improper handling, noise, inappropriate temperature, crowded (if you have more than one bird), feeding time chaos or inappropriate food.
  • You should also try to keep the birds on the line of sight as the birds do not like being overlooked. Hold them up to the line of sight makes you look less aggressive.

How to raise a bird

4) Record the growth of the bird. You can measure the growth of a bird by weighing the weight of the bird every day to make sure it is gaining weight. You can use food or postage to weigh. The weight of the bird should be increased every day, and every 4 to 6 days to increase the weight of the incubation. Birds will continue to grow rapidly after two weeks of birth.

  • In order to understand whether the corresponding species of How To Raise a birds are normal growth, you need to consult the relevant growth table.
  • If the bird grows very slowly, or does not grow at all, it can certainly be certain. In this case, you should immediately bring the bird to the veterinary or rehabilitation center, otherwise it will probably die.

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How to raise a bird

5) Let the bird learn to fly, and then let go of it. When your bird grows, you need to move it to a larger cage or a door porch so that it can start the wings to learn to fly. Do not worry that it will not – flying is the nature of the “How To Raise a bird” after several failed attempts, it can learn. Study flight takes 5 to 15 days.

  • When it can easily fly and can fly to a certain height, you can prepare to let go of it. Take it to the same bird and have plenty of food, and then let it fly away.
  • If you put a bird in your own garden, you can put the birdcage on the outside and open the door. Then the bird will decide when to leave.
  • The shorter the time the bird is imprisoned, the greater the chance of living in the wild, so if it is not necessary, do not delay the time it takes.


  • The bird will bite or peck at you. Be cautious, after all, it is a wild animal.


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