How to toilet/ potty train a baby parrotlet




1. Have a designated area that you allow the bird to use for her toilet
2. If the bird uses the washroom in restricted areas you have to let them know its not allowed. I usually say “no” sharply and almost near a yelling tone. They need to know what they are doing is not allowed.
3. Do not ever hit your bird. They are very intelligent creatures and can understand hand and verbal tones quite well. Just be patient and spend time understanding your bird as all they do in their time is try and understand YOU.
4. Only use that area as a toilet area and not a lounge or play area. This way they will only go to that area when they need to use the washroom
5. Try not to keep your parrotlet in the cage in fear that they might use the washroom in your home. They are loving creatures and deserve to have freedom. I only use her cage in the night when she sleeps and when I go to work. The cage is always open as she never uses the washroom outside her cage or designated spot.

Hope this helps.


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