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“Love Birds”

Tibetan pieces commonly known as love birds and couples parrots, and fisher parrots can be artificial breeding, especially feathers and beautiful, loved by the birds. With economic value, Fisher Parrot in addition to watch, but also suitable for sale, this small series finishing a few points to a large number of breeding fisher parrot points.

One, (love bird) Fisher parrot feed

1, a variety of feed

In general, the fisher parrot in the artificial breeding environment can be fed with a variety of feeds, such as biscuits, bread, bread, rice, vegetables, a variety of fruits and so on.

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2, the ideal feed

If the brooding period recommended to add 70% of cooked corn flour, cooked eggs 28%, 2% of the mixed powder of bone powder. Beneficial to the normal growth of chicks. A variety of wild grass and dandelion, etc., are the ideal green fisher parrot feed.

3, feed tips

Fisher parrot feed preparation has some know-how, not because it likes to eat what to feed what, but should be a variety of feed with a reasonable.

4, feed type

(1) eggs and rice: 1 kg millet plus 4 egg yolk stir, the amount of the total amount of 40% of the total fed.

(2) seed coat rice: rice with rice husk is better, rice seed coat Fisher parrot is like to eat, can add starch, protein, trace elements and a variety of vitamins, and can increase the ability to chew the beak, the amount of the total fed The amount of 30%.

(3) millet feed: the general total amount of 10% to 15%. (4) the remaining feed: can feed pock, barnyard grass, melon seeds and so on. According to practical experience, it is better to feed 10-20 grains per day.

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Second, pick (couple parrot) residence

1, fisher parrot bird house

Fisher parrots can be viewed or sold for sale. Fisher arrangements for fisher parrots are a very important issue. ‘love Birds’ to choose in the quiet environment, no interference, do not have noise, do not have environmental pollution, pay attention to air circulation, fresh air.

2, the location of the North room is appropriate

The location of the aviary to the north room is appropriate, the fisher parrot can watch, fisher parrot bird arrangement is a very important issue.

3, choose the environment quiet

love birds to choose in the quiet environment, no interference, do not have noise, do not have environmental pollution, pay attention to air circulation, fresh air. The location of the aviary is better in the north room.

4, the event space to be large

Cages are mainly used for breeding, free play mainly used for love birds to develop birds, birds, the greater the activity space, the body will be more robust. Appropriate to pay attention to anti-snake, anti-cat, anti-mosquito.

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Third, the fisher parrot birth process

1, fisher parrot breeding

Fisher parrots in the year, in addition to the hot summer, the other seasons can be breeding. The average female lay eggs 6-8 per nest, incubation period of about 19 days.

2, hatch production process

During the incubation process, the male will stick to the nest and feed the female, while the female in addition to feeding, drinking water and defecation out, always adhere to the hatch.

3, after the students fed by the female

Chicks shelled by the female feeding, chicks 35-40 days before leaving the nest, to 50 days or so to live independently, until six and a half months to achieve sexual maturity.

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Fourth, Fisher Parrot’s birth note

1, white eggs affect reproduction

White eggs is not fertilized eggs, “white eggs” will increase the impact of a serious impact on the reproductive rate of fisher parrot.

2, the love birds are female birds

The main reason for the production of “white eggs” is, first of all, the pair of birds are female, followed by the matching of the female eggs, but the male is not mature; again is the male is a disabled bird, toes are incomplete, making mating unsuccessful.

3, the external environment discomfort

The last is the external environment of discomfort, such as noise, frightened, the air is not in circulation, hot and so on. Once the above situation has occurred, should take appropriate measures.

4, egg shell hatch key

Want to increase the hatching of the fisher parrot, broken shell is also a key. A lot of eggs in the incubation time is enough, or can not break the shell, the bird was suffocated in the eggshell.

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5, calcium can not break the shell

This phenomenon is mainly caused by calcium deficiency, calcium in the bird hull shell plays an important role, not enough calcium, bird beak soft, soft skeleton, pecking shell capacity is not strong. In order to increase the broken shell rate, and some love birds who used to feed their eggs to the egg shell method, and achieved good results.

6, eggshell washed with water

Wash the eggshell with water, stir into the pot for 15 minutes, the main purpose is to disinfect. Will be disinfected eggshell dry, hand rub can be fed to the “love birds”

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