Oct 22/17 Smokey’s Checkup & Short Reunion With Her Hubby




Temporary reunion 😄 on Sunday Oct 22/17. They hadn’t seen each other for 2 weeks.
I’m thinking Dr McDonald wanted them to see each other because Smokey’s doing so well & no outward signs of hormonal behaviour. She didn’t say anything about Koolaid’s blood panel so it must’ve checked out ok. I forgot to ask!
He’s been talking more she said ☺️Smokey’s Checkup was A+. Dr M said she was very pleased with hows she’s been doing – I asked about her liver and heart, and she said there’s probably less problems with it, considering her positive behaviour and those feathers! Unless a radiograph is done. But at this point I don’t think it’s necessary…her next checkup in 2 weeks is when I’ll pick Koolaid up 🙂

Thank you for all of your kind comments, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply much, I am so just so busy with work most of the time. Thank you for your continued support and generous donations. I can’t believe we passed 4,000!!
I know I say it all the time, but I wouldn’t have been able to give Smokey everything she needed without everyone’s help. This has reduced my stress level which is one of the most important aspects of caring for a pet—that includes having the motivation to keep going, and be able to give her positive energy which in her case I believe she is affected by, more than say…Koolaid 😉
Also know that I don’t discredit anyone that has an ill pet themselves who may be dealing with the same thing. This is for those who don’t know the history of this channel, and how I have actually worked pretty hard & still do, to maintain this, my pets health and my own. The reason this channel is still here & why I started it, is because it brings education and joy in peoples’ lives – a smile for someone who is ill or had a bad day, or maybe something I’ve shown has saved some birds lives. Actually, I know it has, not to toot my own horn. Just saying lol.
Sadly there is no big volunteer team over here helping me – maybe someday! But Most of my help comes from here actually. I don’t ask for help (which I don’t like doing for anything, financial or not lol) unless I really need it. And I also know how many people just love this little girl! She really is an example of will power, and what can be done with an avian vet’s help, provided we have the tools.

I’m really shocked how much she’s progressed within just he last week. Maybe it’s becuse I’m just always watching her feathers, which is the opposite of what Dr. McDonald focuses on, obviously, as she is always watching other signs in her belly, dropping, feather colouring..things I can’t always see. But feathers! Lol….is definitely a great indication of what’s going on inside her. And Dr. McDonald said her heart is beating normally, and she doesn’t see any major issues with her organs like before (enlarged liver:heart). Her rapid breathing is from her respiratory system in general, which started a few years ago. Her one nostril is actually collapsed, so that restricts some of her breathing. And I wouldn’t discount that she’s probably traumatized from getting all of this medication shot into her mouth and injections she’s had st the bird hospital. So I am still working on this, and her strength which I think can improve more – hoping without the medications. ❤️🙏🏼
Next checkup is scheduled for November 4th.
Thanks for watching!! Don’t say I never upload videos of Bowie! 😜
More pics and clips on Instagram below.



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