Onni Surprised Me, silly fluffinator




Onni the baby cockatoo flew in and gave me quite the surprise while I was vacuuming. He’s fearless when he knows what something is no matter how intimidating. Id say he was trying to help, but that birdy beard suggests not. Those happy feathers fluffed up around his beak means hes just chillin.

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Onni loves and appreciates correspondence!
Onni Bird Stout
5928 Hixson Pike
suite A-188
Hixson, TN 37343

Anything sent to him will be featured in videos.

Read my Birds USA article!!

Tips To Clean The Pet Bird Mess

*Make sure that if you get a pet bird they are captive bred or from a shelter

Be safe!
Aviator Harness
Flight Suit (bird diaper)

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