Owning Budgies/ Lovebirds as Pets ?



Budgerigar parrots: Often can see the parrot outside, although do not know what kind of variety, but will be for their beautiful and lovely to stop and watch more because they will speak and curious.
Welcome back to Bird Tameness. Many Bird Lovers have asked us for this video. Fortunately, today Parrot Whisperer has an interview with a Bird Tameness fan and viewer which happens to be a very experienced Bird owner who was kind enough to speak of her experience with budgies and lovebirds and what it is like to have them as Pet Birds!. We hope this video leaves you with a better insight about Lovebirds/Budgies as pets and what it is that you need to know about owning them. Mke sure to LIKE this video, comment your questions and share to inform other potential budgie/lovebird owners .


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