Parrot behavior manifests mystery Parrot bird body language and behavior analysis



Parrot behaviorBird’s posture is very pleasing, but do you know the mystery behind these actions? Many people say that birds do not like the cats and dogs will have emotional performance, with the interaction of people less, in fact, this is because most people do not understand the body language of the birds, so the wrong understanding of the birds.

Parrot behavior is mysterious 

 1, wings body trespassing

Touching the wings usually means that the birds are in panic, nervous, uneasy or distrustful emotions. At this point should stop further contact, while soft and let the birds rest assured that the voice to speak to ease the mood of the birds.

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2, adjust the body temperature

Birds body trespassing, especially in the lower abdomen, you can see the lower abdomen of the feathers in the shock, said the birds are adjusting the body temperature to adapt to the sudden changes in the temperature of the environment. Flapping wings is a good sport for birds.

Parrot behavior

3, flapping wings movement

Flapping wings is a good sport for birds, and if the birds are kept in the cage for a long time, or when they are taken out of the cage for the first time in the morning, they will often see them.

4, to warn the intruder

Usually standing on the cage side of the wing, sometimes strong enough to make them up or take off. Sometimes the birds will also warn the site through the wing of the invaders, if the intruder ignored, then the birds will be chasing bite.

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5, single foot step rest

Said the birds feel in a comfortable and safe environment. A safe bird sleeps to put a foot and hide in the abdomen, and twist the head hidden in the back of the feathers.

6, to take crouch attitude

down the head and forward, tail feathers such as fan-shaped start, body feathers erect, and the dilation of the pupil continue to shrink, said the birds are extremely angry, this time never close to the birds.

7, parrot desperate resistance

If the life of the birds is seriously threatened, but no chance to fly or escape, they will turn to lie on the ground, two claws and beak open ready to bite. This ‘parrot behavior’ means “I’m with you!”, Usually seen in the Amazon parrot.

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8, swing up and down the tail

Birds swing up and down the tail does not necessarily represent sick, some birds in the talk and singing will swing the tail; but if the birds in the inspiratory and exhale tail up and down the swing, which may be a sign of sick birds The

9, the tail like a fan open

This “parrot behavior is an indicator of the birds want to attack, said the birds are very dissatisfied, angry and bored, and ready to bite. It is common for birds to see it hate people close to the birdcage, or the birds are annoying about repetitive training.

10, left and right swing tail

In general, most of this will appear as a pleasant expression of the bird, for example to see the person who likes (the bird owner) or is carrying out its favorite activities. The birds will show happy and happy mood.

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11, stretched lazy move a move

Like humans, birds sometimes stretch and loose, which is very important for them because they are standing all day long. The birds will stretch the wings and feet at the same time to promote blood circulation and eliminate muscle fatigue.



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