Information About Parrot Birds



Looks After Instruction

Parrot birds: are highly intelligent dominate pet birds. We should to know about the care requirement of parrot birds before buying for our home or starting our goo. Yoy should to know there are different types species in parrots for example (macaw, amazon or cockatoos)

Following steps should to done for giving a parrot healthy and comfort life.


Preparing a proper and beautiful cage box type, square cage is quite suitable for parrot. Make sure that you cage is enough for your parrot.

  • To provide every needy things in cage like food bowls, water bowls, playing area and rest area.
  • Select size of your parrot home according to size of your parrot.
  • Size off cage according to size of your parrot.


  • Minimum for smaller ‘parrot birds’ 25” W x 24” H x 25” D.
  • Minimum for larger parrot birds 5 to 6 ft w x 5 to 6 ft + 1 x 41/3 ft D.
  • Spacing for smaller ¼ “.
  • SPACING FOR LARGER 5” to 6 “.


Spot a cage nearer to room for interact.

Parrot are social behaving animals if we leave our parrot alone it cage to stress an our birds may bird can sick.

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Make temperature uniform:

  • Best temperature for parrots is 65 to 85 F
  • Make sure that temperature should not go below that 40F
  • Use appropriate any measuring temperature seale.


Feeding criteria for your parrot.

  • Should to give different types of died to prove huge nutrition we always focus an me client but it wrong to your bird.
  • Provide your “parrot birds” fresh fruits and vegetables like bananas, carrots, red berries, green beans.
  • Don’t feed parrot chocolate, salty snake, spicy snacks, alcohol snd caffeine.
  • Should not be give you parrot avocado and onions both because cause of death in parrot.

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