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“Parrot breeding”

The parrot is smart and mocked high, so it is popular with many birdies, but do you think so do you need special training and teaching? The following finishing the skills and ideas of training parrot breeding birds, so that you can be more smoothly in the training of birds Oh! Do not let go, hurry down to see it!

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First, the parrot breeding and training concept 1, spend more time to accompany

Every day to spend time and parrot breeding to speak, say hello, put it out to play, if not let the birds out of the cage habit outside the world, the passage of time the birds will be afraid of human beings, and even the spirit of the above abnormalities.


Birds in the field that the height of the lower than the advantage, so the birds like to stand high in a sense of security.

2, training should be patient

If you are not starting from the young chicks, you want to train the birds, then we should be more patient, the owner can make good use of food, and during practice can not grasp the birds, the other master some skills, if the day will be successful Oh! The parrot breeding is born and smart, and the imitation is high.

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3, feeding precautions

(1) isolated birds.

(2) let the birds climb ladder or exercise as a punishment.

(3) move the birds quickly, or do something that makes it unpredictable.

(4) placed unstable, too large or very slippery perches.

(5) accidentally or intentionally dropped the bird to the ground.

(6) shake or shake the birds.

(7) beat the bird cage.

(8) on the birds stare, or even abuse.

(9) impact or beat the beak.

(10) cover the birdcage in a non-resting time, or make it confined dark.

(11) Forcing the bird to do what it does not want to do.

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Second, training pet parrot tips 4, the use of food training

Eating is also a good training Oh! Every time the feeding time is very important! Your goal is to run the birds with your snacks, and the distance to be bigger and bigger, but can not be too hasty Oh!

5, step by step training

At the beginning, the parrot may not understand anything, naturally, do not understand the cable food, do not because the birds do not run over do not feed it Oh! After they will run to the side of the cable, you can train them to climb up your fingers to have something to eat.

6, repeated training birds

At the beginning you can put the feeding spoon high, fingers on the ground, when the birds climb to the fingers when the hand will be raised to the birds can eat feed place, so repeated training, as long as you reach out, the birds will Very habitually jump to the hands.

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7, bird practice climb stairs

When the birds stand firm, they will start their own hands and start the steps. When the birds are on their fingers, they will stretch out the fingers of the other hand, Abdomen let it stand up again.

8, the appropriate reward praise

So repeated, the beginning can be five times as a unit, done a unit to give a gentle touch or food reward, the number of units can be increased with the situation until the bird’s habit.

9, into the human life

When the birds have a certain grip, you can put the birds on the shoulder, accompany you to play with the computer, reading and other home life and rest. This allows the birds to integrate into the human living environment rather than one in the box or in the cage.

10, automatically came around

The front has a foundation, the birds also learn to fly, then still have to continue training for a while, when calling the birds call the name and reach out if it is hungry will run over to eat.

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Gradually, the birds will call you the name of the action with your hand out of the reaction and automatically fly over.

11, birds learn to speak

In the probability of large and medium-sized parrots or nine official birds learn to speak the probability of small parrots than the generally much higher, but in fact, like a tiger parrot breeding has a high language imitation ability, but must pay considerable patience, but also luck.

12, teach speech skills

Want to let the parrot speak of the trick, of course, the most important thing is often to talk to it, followed by a clear tone ( the female tone higher relatively good learning), this single feeding effect will be better, usually not in time can use tapes Call to the birds.

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