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Parrot disease: In the process of feeding parrots, often see the disease with respiratory parrot disease and digestive system and send blood donors, etc., and in daily life, the parrot is to be taken care of, especially in summer and winter, But also need special care and attention, let us take a look at this article!

First, the common disease prevention and control of parrots

1, respiratory disease

Respiratory organs are common cold, the symptoms are runny nose, birds after a cold, immediately moved to the indoor feeding, and to insulation, will soon be self-healing. If the condition can not be self-healing, borax can be dissolved in warm water, used to rinse around the nostrils, feeding the basaltic seeds feed to enhance the resistance.

2, digestive organs sick

As a result of eating unclean green feed or drinking water is not hygienic, causing pull dysentery, sick birds generally row white creamy manure, lower abdomen feathers stained. Birds suffering from the Parrot disease, and turn warm place to keep, to a bird isolated, to prevent infection.

Note: drop a few drops of red wine in drinking water. Heavy can use drugs, even drink 3 days Jiyu.

3, parasite vampire

Tiger parrots who have a lot of lice, must pay attention to eliminate. Can be used to eliminate the use of veterinary powder or magic pen smear. In addition, the tiger parrot is also the risk of blood-sucking insects. Nest box is often the origin of the vampire camp. Every time the nest is completed, immediately with boiling water once again nest box.

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4, parrot hot birds and birds disease

(1) Symptoms: Parrot fever, also known as ‘bird disease’ is a natural foci disease. The main symptoms of parrot fever is fever, headache, general weakness, loss of appetite, cough, nausea and vomiting, like a heavy cold, do not be careful to become infected.

Note: people inhalation of pathogens containing air when the Parrot disease will be infected.

(2) Treatment: got the first choice for parrot hot drugs for tetracycline, daily service 2g, even for half a month or so, until the body temperature dropped to normal so far.

(3) Prevention: in the process of raising and teasing the birds must pay attention to health, clean the cage, remove the stool, should wear a mask to prevent dry guano dust inhalation of the nasal cavity, poor sanitation status is the main factor of companion parrot disease one.

5, food poisoning disease

Food poisoning and digestive diseases are common diseases of parrot parrots, mainly caused by eating unclean food. Many books have introduced the bird food poisoning after how to rescue the method, but after things such as after the remedy, the parrot’s body and emotions are extremely unfavorable.

6, eating diarrhea symptoms

Some parrots in the eating of cooked food will appear after the symptoms of diarrhea, looking for reasons: food is not cooked thoroughly, especially fish, meat, eggs and other Hunxing raw materials; some food is stored in the refrigerator, not thawed after feeding to the parrot; Of the food should not be cooked and cooked to feed; raw materials unclean.

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Second, the parrot breeding life care

1, cage with habitat disinfection

When the parrot in the family activities of the area often play, use newspapers, plastic bags or cloth, such as pad, to prevent the retreat of the parrot. In view of the parrot disease useful tongue licking the hobby, cage and habitat can not be treated with disinfectant, it is best to use hot water after washing in the sun exposure disinfection.

2, toys, cooking disinfection

Parrot bite the toys can be used to cook the method of disinfection, not high temperature objects can be rinse with flowing water in the outdoor ventilation to dry.

3, to avoid the parrot eating

The practice is to avoid the parrot in various circumstances the occurrence of eating. Companion parrots are more receptive to cooked food than other animals, which is very beneficial. Most of the harmful microorganisms in the food can be killed during the cooking process, cooked food is also more conducive to food digestion and absorption.

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4, food disinfection

Fruits and vegetables is best to feed and feed, but before feeding to wash, disinfect. Food disinfection can not use the usual household detergent and disinfectant, you can put in a clean pot of cold water, add a few spoons of salt a little lemon juice into the soaking solution, fruit and vegetables soak for 5-10 minutes.

Recommendation : leafy vegetables soaked for about 3 minutes after the removal, and then rushed to the flow of water rinse clean.

5, indoor temperature control

Most species of parrots have a certain ability to resist cold, and some parrot owners do not understand this, in the cold winter season outside the cage near the heating, the result is when the parrot disease came to the cage and activities, too much temperature changes Make a bird cold.

Note: indoor temperature discomfort will make the parrot down, the immune system deteriorated, serious will lead to death of the parrot disease.

6, keep the room temperature in winter

As long as the parrot is not to starve, not by the cold wind blowing, keep the temperature above 5 ℃ in winter, you can let the parrot comfortable winter. Parrot is very afraid of hot, hot damage to the parrot far more than the cold.

7, to prevent parrot heat stroke

When the ambient temperature exceeds 35 ° C, most parrots will be irritable; more than 37 ° C, the individual poor “parrot disease” may be due to central nervous palsy and death.

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