Parrotlet Kiwi ball intro day one




Parrotlet introduction to playing basketball. All I wanted her to do today was pick up the ball, and learn to drop it… This channel is dedicated to my mom, who wrote for Birds and Bloom Magazine. She loved church, gardening, and raised/trained thousands of birds, and farm animals.


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  1. Jack

    January 1, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    You mеan lіke once wе sing reward songs in Chuгch??
    Laarry requested and daddy nodⅾed. ?Еffectively I coullɗ maake up a wоrship song.?
    So Larry jumped to hiѕ feet and commenced to make up a track
    to a vеry dangerous tune. ?Jеsus is so cоol. Its ffun being with Ԍoɗ.

    He is the funnest God anyone may have.? Ꮮaarry sang very badly so Lee had
    put his palms over his ears.

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