Parrotletbirds “Top 10 Parrotlet Breeding Pairs” (Parrotletbirds)




Photo Video Title:”Top 10 Parrotlet Breeding Pairs” (Parrotletbirds)

Photo Video Description: has created a “photo video slideshow” displaying the images of the “Top 10 Parrotlet Breeding Pairs” in our aviary. Of course, each and every pair we hold dear to our hearts but everyone has a favorite. These happen to be our Top 10. Enjoy! specializes in Quality Hand-Fed Baby Parrotlets. Including non-related, bonded & proven parrotlet breeding pairs & singles. has a great selection of Celestial Pacific Parrotlets For Sale. Please visit to view an updated list of our current available Parrotlets.

Parrotlet Color Mutations Available include:
~ Green Pacific Parrotlets
~ Blue Pacific Parrotlets
~ American Yellow Pacific Parrotlets
~ American White Pacific Parrotlets
~ Turquoise Pacific Parrotlets
~ Dominant Pied Pacific Parrotlets
~ Fallow Pacific Parrotlets
~ Albino Pacific Parrotlets
~ Lutinos Pacific Parrotlets
~ Single, Double & Triple Splits & More.

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