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Guide: believe it? Birds can also be trained Do not underestimate that a small bird’s head, the wisdom of the equipment installed under everyone unexpected. But how can we let the birds understand the instructions? It is necessary for the owner to be patient and not to let the birds feel frustrated and frustrated!

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One, the brain brain wisdom complex degree

1, the structure of many complex

Many of the cursed words seem to be divorced from the birds, but in fact the birds are not so simple to imagine, the structure is very complex, and mammals are quite close.

2, the capacity is small but developed

Although the brain’s brain capacity is relatively small, wrinkles are not so much like mammals, but its core striatum is quite active; and bird’s IQ depends on the structure of the developed class, not the size of the brain size.

3, mammalian new cortex

In addition, the brain brain awareness of the implementation of treatment, as well as the ability to control the movement, as well as the scope of sensory activities, and mammals are the new cortex is quite the same.

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Second, the owner spent time patience training

1, step by step teach

First of all the hosts do not have too much demand for birds, which will make the birds can not afford, but also make practice difficult or even failure; the owner should not threaten the way, even bird, beat the cage and other more exciting behavior Training birds.

2, the birds are afraid of tension

This will make the birds feel timid, when the birds once again heard the instructions of the owner, not only did not dare to get closer, but also worried that the owner once again threatened tone.

3, speech differences

Master training with the command of the tone, and birds can not be used to confuse the usual way to use, otherwise it will make the training of birds difficult to distinguish the training command into a reflective condition.

4, individual treatment of education

When the birds are training birds, remember to guide the different people in the same way and the same conditions, so that the trained birds can be very simple and easy for some information.

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Third, encourage the reward of birds principles

1, food to be encouraged

The use of proper incentives to encourage food for those who can accept the training password, and the occurrence of conditioned reflex behavior of the birds, but not enough scientific use of incentives, but will lead to the opposite results, fuzzy out of the training of birds in the training which is non-boundaries The

2, to determine the reasons for the reward

And the owner of the reward for the time to get good, in addition, to encourage the purpose and factors should be controlled, if not timely enough to affect the positive enthusiasm.

3, environmental space conditions

Training the environment of the birds to be quiet enough, once the noise is too large, it will be easy for the birds to disperse the hearing, confuse the password and environmental signals, lead to the birds in the training difficult to distinguish orders, can not concentrate on training, Accuracy is out of balance.

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Fourth, the appropriate time to train the birds

1, prohibit overtime training

The owner can not use the overrun training, that is, with too long time on the training birds repeated the same password, will let the birds of the central nervous system is too tired, not only can not shorten the training course, but also delay to the training time.

2, the evening is better

The owner remembers picking the right time, if the temperature is too high, the bird’s degree of excitement will drop, will make the training effect is inaccurate, as far as possible to choose the easier to accept training morning or evening time.

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