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Canary bird also known as Furong birds, hibiscus, white jade, white birds, jade birds, white Yan, is the bird head of cereal birds. Origin of the northwest coast of Africa Canary bird, Madonna, love Su Leiz and other islands, is feather color and tweet and excellent cage bird watching. There are 24 varieties, both at home and abroad are listed as one of the noble captive bird watching.

There are 24 varieties, both at home and abroad are listed as one of the noble captive bird watching. Because of its easy artificial breeding and breeding, plumage beautiful and varied, sounds melodious sounds, vegetarian love as a favorite. China’s domestic canary mainly by the “Shandong species”, “Yangzhou species” and the German “Rhone species” three varieties. Wild canary mainly eat plant seeds, eat insects in summer. Canary like a clean environment, so the cages of the feces should be regularly cleared, habitat should also be cleaned regularly.

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 Shape canary Bird

Canary is 12-14 cm long, thinner than the sparrow but thinner than the sparrow. Calls are not beautiful, the artificial cultivation of the emergence of yellow, white, green, orange, bronze and other feather color, call also better than the original species.
Just out of the nest of canary birds, both sex and practice the same, from the appearance of difficult to identify male and female. However, after 2-3 months, the male anal projection from (cloaca projection) is tapered, and the female is relatively flat, was bread shape. Identification of the birds by hand to catch, blowing around the anus can see the feathers.

In addition, the young canary was born 35 to 45 days began to sing, then from their song gestures can distinguish between male and female. Chanting when the throat bulging, fluctuation, the sound is continuous male. ‘Canary bird’ into the male and female identification easier, because the male song sounds melodious sounds, the bird’s song monotonous.


Wild canary mainly eat plant seeds, eat insects in summer. Camp cup-shaped nest, 4-5 eggs per litter, every year from January to July breeding, incubation mainly by the female, incubation period of 14-16 days. Canned canary for the valley of birds, domestic resistance to coarse feed. ” Luo Na species,” the song is tight ‘JiJi – JiJi -‘, ‘ Ju … Ju ..’ and ‘Jie, Ju ..’; “Shandong species of” chirping sound is loud and tortuous ‘JiJi … … ‘and’ JiaJia … ‘. Young birds can also imitate the lark and thrush of the song, and rich performance talent, after training after the “pick up”, “wearing a mask” and other juggling.
Canary bird like a clean environment, so the cages of the feces should be regularly cleared, habitat should also be cleaned regularly. Drinking water every day to be replaced. Hibiscus birds like the water bath, the summer to make their daily water bath once, the winter to use warm water once a week water bath, after the bath to be dry and then moved to the outside, so as not to cause a cold.

Hibiscus common disease is intestinal disease and respiratory disease, mostly because of drinking water and food is not clean, or raising the environment caused by mutations, usually pay attention to prevention is completely avoidable. In short, the husband of the feeding is not difficult, as long as you have love for her to be able to raise her.

Main food

Canary food is very complex when the feed which feed is appropriate according to their nutritional needs at the time. Birds need the main nutrients are: protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and so on. These nutrients are generally in the hibiscus birds eat the daily feed can be taken to.

But in the dressing and breeding season minerals, vitamins to be supplied separately. Hibiscus birds daily feed is generally cereals, pasta, a small amount of oil crops and vegetables. Cereals include millet , tares, millet and so on. Oil crops include Suzi, rapeseed, peanuts, walnut and so on. These oil crops usually do not have to feed, but in the chicks, plowing period, estrus was appropriate supply. This is conducive to the breeding of birds.

Common variety

Although China since the 1940s since the introduction of foreign countries, but did not pay attention to the maintenance of varieties, and now purely not much. Chinese canary mainly by the ” Shandong species”, ” Yangzhou species” and the German “Rhone species” 3 varieties. Shanghai to raise “Luo Na species” mainly, this bird body slender, feather color changes more, from yellow and white, orange, bronze, silver and other colors. Head and neck from the feathers to the four sides of the crests, wings from the feathers of different colors, symmetrical pairs of flowers on both sides, long and mildly sound, tone light and soft, singing up and down the beak closed, if the opening call that impure.

The Heredity more stable canary has the following: 

1.tremolo canary: made by the German foster. The male whistle sounds like a rattan, the feathers are yellow and green close to the original species.
2. orange trembling canary: from the tremolo canary variation, because only the pursuit of feather color, call than the trembling canary slightly less.
3. red canary: the United States with orange canary and national falcon hybrid culture, body red.
4. curly canary: breed from Japan. Body feather curl, call is not beautiful.
5. crescent canary: British bred. Body slender crescent-like.
6.Shandong Canary: from China, Shandong, Yangzhou and other places bred. Slim short, feathers yellowish green, loud and loud.
7. white canary: may be made by the Shandong Canary variation, similar to the shape of Shandong canary. Body feathers white, pay attention to red mouth, red feet, red eyes.
8.    as well as the Dutch curly canary, the British fat canary bird and snake canary, the Japanese canoe and so on.

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Variety introduction

        Red canary

  • Height: 12 (cm)
  • Average life: 10 (years)
  • Gender differences: need industry experts
  • identify: male will sing.
  • Reproduction: hatching period of 14 days, 14 days after the feathers grow into.
  • Young birds: similar to birds.
  • Variants: variegated red canary
  • variety Description: 1920s, with black and red gold wings, breed out. In the past, people often only focus on plumage, while ignoring the appearance, in the current game, the appearance also occupies an important position. Red gold wings are a kind of bird of the northern part of South America. Feathers are scarlet, black heads, wings, and tails. Is the wild ancestor of the canary. Canary bird is a people loved Pu Tong cage birds, gold and red-winged belong to Finch. Many people put the red hair cannons are also known as red gold wings, in fact, red gold wings are very precious, the number has been very scarce, some zoologists think it has been extinct. The more recognized view is that it is already at an endangered state.

        Norwich Canary

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Length: 15.6 cm
  • Average life: 10 years
  • Gender differences: required professional
  • Identification: male will sing
  • Breeding: incubation period of 14 days, 14 days after

The feathers grow into young birds: similar to birds due to short Fat, so the resident was put them with the British folklore chunky John boolean par. They were brought to England by the Buddha at the end of the seventeenth century by the persecution of religious persecution, which represented the faithful followers. The Norwich Canaries have a close relationship with a rare crown canary.
Feeding method: feeding ordinary canary bird food can be, plumage is an important feature of the competition, so the participating birds must feed the color agent. The birds are quite strong, even in the cold winter can be kept outdoors, but the cage has a warm and comfortable bird house. They do not like sports, is a very lazy bird.
Breeding: After entering the breeding season to prepare the nest. Norwich canary is not as small as the general small birds so far, since the 1920s handed down the way is to use two “dark yellow” feathers (ie feather rough varieties) of the Norwich canaries mate each other, this Method called “double yellow”, can make the descendants of the body size, the possibility of feathers tangled also increased.

        Yorkshire canary

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Height: 17 cm
  • Average life expectancy: 10 years
  • Gender differences: required professional
  • Identification: male will sing
  • Breeding: incubation period of 14 days, 14 days after

The feathers long birds: feathers than birds shallow, tail And the wings of the juvenile plush after the deepening of the 1860s in Yorkshire coal field for the first time the success of cultivation, it is said that the canary bird past the body is very slim, and even drilled from the ring , the modern varieties have been much of the body, But still relatively small birds.

The Lancashire Canary, the Belgian Canary, the Norwich Canaries have a place in the cultivation of the Yorkshire Canary. The Yorkshire canary is usually placed on a bird’s cage, because it is unlikely to jump from one habitat to another perched during the show, but in daily training, A certain posture is necessary.

Feeding method: feeding high-quality canine seeds to mix feed and green food, feeding soft food during brooding. When the canary bird starts to change hands, to regularly feed the color agent until the next dressing, otherwise the plum may not be ideal. The birds are strong enough, but they are kept in tall cages because they will uplift the body. Beautiful standing is very important, the game asked the canary in the cage to keep upright position.
Reproduction: It is not easy to make the Yorkshire canary produce good reproduction. Similar to other canaries, Yorkshire canary bird girls like to hatch alone chicks, so the male should be removed from the separate feeding. It is best for the chicks to provide a deeper nest because the chicks need to be protected. Breeding often encounter a moderate size of the birds have a rough feather problem, then you can use a shape and feathers are excellent, but the body is very small female, with a large male mating, can produce The descendants of satisfactory quality, the descendants of this descendants usually do not have obvious flaws.

        Scotland Canary

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Length: 17 cm
  • Average life: 10 years
  • Gender differences: required professional
  • Identification: male will sing
  • Breeding: incubation period of 14 days, 14 days after


The feathers grow birds: similar to birds, but shorter tail Elegant appearance, the 19th century in its origin is very popular in Scotland, but since then has disappeared for some time, recently some high-quality canary bird began to spread widely.

In addition to the posture and appearance, the ability to perform on the perch is another advantage. The Scottish Canary is moving like a “travel” between the perch and the perch, the jumps before and afterward, and the wings are turned without hesitation when they jump. But training this bird takes a lot of time, perhaps this is the small number of Scotch canary bird captive reasons.
Feeding method: Whole year can be fed canary seed mixed feed, green food, and soft food. The birds can adapt to different climatic conditions and can be kept outdoors all year long.
Reproduction: it is best to let the female breed in the bird house in the cage, so as to ensure the breed of chicks.

       Variegated canary

  • Length: 12.5 cm
  • Average life: 10 years
  • Gender differences: need to be professional
  • Identification: male will sing
  • breeding: incubation period of 14 days, 14 days after

The feathers grow into young birds: similar to the birds  of the existing  domesticated history of the longest gold canaries, who is very special markings for easy identification, as early as in 1709 appeared in the literature on the record. Variegated canary has also disappeared for some time, is now quite a common pet bird. Feathers are a very important feature, the competition must be at any time to turn the body so that the review can see them behind the crescent-shaped feathers.identification; male will sing breeding: incubation period of 14 days, 14 days after.

Feeding methods: feeding with canary seed, green food, and soft food. Participating birds also need to feed the coloring agent, and should be just before the change in the front of the feeding, to ensure uniform feathers, feathers, and markings is also a very important part of the participating birds. The variegated canary is highly resistant and can be kept outdoors throughout the year.
Reproduction: prepare the nest for its breeding. Usually describe the feather type, commonly used “golden yellow” and “silvery white” instead of “yellow” and “dark yellow”. In order to get the best breeding results, should be “golden yellow” varieties and “silver white” varieties to mate. Professional bird who is also a small pot with a complete hat-shaped head of the variegated canary mating, because it will make the chicks hat too large. Although the hat-shaped feathers are not complete varieties can also be successful mating breeding, but generally with a complete hat-shaped feather species and another hat-shaped canine no mating.

Feeding Management

Canary’s body is relatively weak, usually should let them more exercise, therefore, feeding cage must be large, it is best to use a special canary cage. Male and female birds in the usual sub-cage feeding, each cage only raised one. 8, 9 months to the breeding of dragon species and cage feeding, so that they nest breeding. Breeding cage mostly wooden, 46 cm * 30 cm * 35 cm. With grass or bamboo woven into the shape of a bowl, the mouth diameter of 11 cm, 5 cm deep artificial nest, hanging above the breeding cage. Cage set in the food tank, the mouth of the tank to large, dwelling is best flat round, the bottom of the cage covered with fine sand.
Canary daily feed millet, barnyard grass, corn face corn bread, vegetable seeds, apples, vegetables and so on. Can be mixed with several kinds of feed, such as millet 2, 7 tares, rapeseed 1. When the tares are difficult, they can be replaced by millet or millet. Apple must be cut into small pieces, vegetables must be chopped. During the winter or dressing period, the feed ratio is 2 millet, 6 tares, and rapeseed (Suzi).

Before pairing start feeding birds eggs millet, bone meal feed and heat continues to be supplied after closing the cage. After the start of the incubation of the feed, the addition of 20% rapeseed and white sesame seeds. After the chicks shell, the supply of egg yolk face (cooked egg yolk, millet or corn flour 120 grams stirring), vegetables and oyster shell powder and so on.
In the management of the cage than the general requirements of a higher bird. Weekly remove the cage bottom manure will be 2-3 times, food cans and jugs brushing once a day and get a new food, fresh water, habitat bar wash every 3 days, the water bath at least once a week, Zhao Jia timely pruning. Canary bird if the long time by the direct sunlight, will make the feather fade, Lorna canary will be loudly, resulting in the sound becomes rough, so every day in the soft sun drying for an hour is enough. Summer night, it is best to cover the cage with cage cover, to prevent mosquito bites.
Every day from July to August is a canary bird dressing period, the infirm are often dead, healthy people are susceptible to disease. Therefore, in addition to the feed species increased by 10% rapeseed and cuttlefish bone powder, but also to avoid blowing, as little as possible contact with the outside world.


Variety Breeding

For reproduction, before pairing, canary feeding to separate male and female, and the like are most separated from each other by cage kissing time and then put them together breeding cage. When the male and female birds and good life, you can put the artificial nest hanging above the breeding cage. See the female mouth Diao feathers wandering in the nest or in the nest on the spin, said the nest began, should be clean cotton hanging on the cage, the birds will soon be the title to the nest. Nuo built after 3-4 days, the female began to lay eggs, 2-6 per litter.
Canary hatchery is served by female. As the female produces 1 egg per day, so the birds time is inconsistent. In order to overcome this deficiency, in some places after the spawning of the female, with gypsum made of false eggs out of the real eggs preserved, and so on when the four eggs out of the false eggs, then the first three eggs back Nest, let the birds hatch, so that four chicks in the same day shell. Hatch the sixth day in the light under the eggs, remove the unfertilized eggs, 10 days later re-test once. Hatch 14-16 days.
Chicks out of their own mouth will not foraging, to rely on parent feeding. Little canary Yuyao is egg yolk, cabbage and other nutritious and digestible food and water. Nursery should be fed every day a fresh egg yolk, pay attention to observe whether the birds fed chicks.

In general, chicks do not eat food within 24 hours will not starve to death, if the next day the birds are still not feeding, must be artificial feeding, that is, egg yolk and vegetable juice into a paste, with a small bamboo stick, Pick egg yellow paste to the chicks mouth, until the chicks eat enough. 1-2 days later, such as the birds began to feed the chicks, you can stop the artificial feeding, or have been insisting to the chicks can poke their own so far.

Chicks from the shell to the feathers Zhang about 25 days, egg yolk face to feed every day. 1 month later, the chicks can be detached from the individual birds alone. At this time the feed is still egg yolk-based, to the chicks after 2 months of age can be gradually changed to daily feed. Most of the birds in the chicks shells after 12-21 days and began to mate spawning, then the birds will drive out the bird’s nest, if the birds refused to leave, it will break the head of the Eritrea. At this point in order to protect the safety of young birds in the cage should be added to an artificial nest, nest put cotton or bamboo clothes, so that the birds themselves to clean up the nest, you can avoid driving the chicks.

Chicks after 6 months of breeding began to tweet, 9-10 months to achieve sexual maturity. The little canary bird must be led by the good bird to learn the nice tweets, the old canary, the lark, the big tits <a I = 8> and so are a small canary good singing teacher, can also be used to sing songs or recordings to teach a small canary whistling.

Must be taught in childhood young beets tweets, generally believed that the first dressing after no longer “catch” the Red canary and practice to maintain and genetic related, it is the orange canary bird and the leeese hybrids, to maintain the red generation, back to the cross is the most effective way. Feed to maintain the role of plumage has also been confirmed, there are pigments abroad. But the feathers of this bird are unnatural and dull.

Common Disease

Hibiscus bird pox is caused by the virus of a contact with infectious diseases, usually divided into two types of skin type and mucous membrane, although the body has a pimple, but has nothing to do with mosquito bites, mainly wet and no ventilation caused by the environment.
Pathogen: fowl pox disease for fowlpox virus, at least four kinds of virus type. Fowlpox virus on the outside world is very strong resistance to the environment. The virus in the epithelial cell chip, although completely dry and direct sunlight for many weeks, not to be killed; heated to 60 ℃ to be killed by 3 hours, in -15 ℃ below the environment can remain alive for many years The 1% of the caustic soda, 1% acetic acid or 0. 1% of the mercury can kill the virus within 5 minutes.
The onset season is mainly in summer and autumn when the vast majority of the incidence of skin type. Less onset of the winter, often mucosal type. Fowlpox viruses are usually found in dandruffs, feces, and excreted discharges with sneezing and coughing. The above dirt to reach the skin and mucous membranes of the defects can cause disease. In addition, the role of the spread of the disease, the mosquito poisonous time up to 10 to 30 days.
Symptoms: fowl pox incubation period of 4 to 8 days, usually divided into skin type, mucosal type, mixed type, occasional septic type.
Skin type: to head skin multiple, sometimes seen in the legs, feet, cloacal and wing inside, forming a special kind of smallpox. At first, the emergence of bran-like cover, broken and the formation of gray summary, and soon increased, slightly yellow, fusion, and finally into brown black pox scab, after 20 to 30 days off. Generally no systemic symptoms.
Mucosal type: also known as diphtheria type, the disease initially nasal fluid, some tears, 2 to 3 days after the mouth and throat mucosa appear grayish yellow spots, and soon expanded to form a pseudomembrane, such as with tweezers torn, then Exposed ulcers, systemic symptoms, feeding and respiratory disorders.
Mixed type: skin and mucous membranes are infringed.
Blood type: rare.
Prevention: skin type birds such as the affected area ulceration, can be coated with purple syrup. Diphtheria type, such as throat pseudomembrane thick, can be washed with 2% boric acid solution, and then drop a drop of 5% chloramphenicol eye drops. In addition to topical treatment, per kilogram of feed oxytetracycline 2 grams, once every 5 to 7 days to prevent secondary infection. Newly purchased birds, to be isolated and observed for 2 weeks, found no abnormal situation and then gregarious. The disease can be used to prevent chicken pox vaccine.

Canary Bird Island

The Canary Islands are the Canary bird Islands (in the Atlantic Ocean ), which has been one of the world’s most ferocious ten kinds of bulldogs of the Spanish Canary dogs, it is a dog developed by the dog. Its ancestors may include the local endangered Badine Maaji slightly, as well as the introduction of the British mastiff descendants, the island named after this. But the Chinese translation of Canary is the canary, so the island is also called the Canary bird Islands. As to why someone translated the archipelago into the canary Islands because of the Spanish dog island Insularia Canaria as Island Canary (Canary is the English canary, pronounced Spanish dog Canaria).
Canary Islands and the Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira, the Man archipelago composed Macaronesia Islands ecological zones. The Teide volcano on the island of Tenerife is the highest mountain in Spain. Due to the geographical location of the island and the impact of the wind, the climate is warm and sometimes, and sometimes very dry. The island retains several local species, such as Dracaena Draco and Laurisilva of the genus Draca.

Age Judgment

Canary, also known as Furong birds, hibiscus, white jade, white birds, jade birds, white Yan, is the bird head of cereal birds. Want to distinguish their age is not difficult, male and female birds are the same way:

First, look at the legs, when the birds are round legs, the next year is flat legs, the older the more flat

The second is to see the nails, when the bird nails short, the next year the bird toe long and curved. The birds that have been cut over the nails are old birds.

Third, look at the old skin on the legs, when the bird legs skin tender, old birds have more layers of old skin. Some people will peel off the old skin, but look carefully can see it.

Artificial rearing

Canary also known as Furong bird, canary how to keep it? The first time keeping the canary’s owner will be troubled by this problem, do not worry, Xiaobian for you finishing the “canary bird” artificial feeding precautions for your reference.

One, suitable for a particular cage

Hibiscus birds are suitable for keeping in a particular cage, and a round or square cage can be used. Male and female must be isolated, a cage only to raise one, to eight or nine months, hibiscus birds into the breeding season, and then they cage farming, when they will do nest, ready to lay eggs.

Two, like a bowl like a nest

Need to prepare a nest with a bowl like a bowler to provide them, nest about-about 12 cm, the best depth of 15 cm. The grass nest fixed at the top of the cage, but also to prepare them a large mouth of the bowl, sink and flat round hammer. At the bottom of the cage, prepare the fecal disk for easy cleaning.

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Third, the food to join the eggs

Hibiscus usually can feed some cornmeal, millet, soybeans and rapeseed and other grains. In order to make the hibiscus better healthy growth, in their replacement feathers, seasonal changes and breeding period, their meals will be added to the eggs, according to the ratio of 1 to 10 mixed in the feed.

Fourth, the main nutrients

It is best to give them a day to eat some cabbage, which helps them to digest. Hibiscus food is very complex, when the feed which feed is appropriate according to their nutritional needs at the time. Birds need the main nutrients are: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and so on.

5, the daily general feed

These nutrients are generally in the hibiscus birds eat the daily feed can be taken to. But in the dressing and reproductive season minerals, vitamins to be supplied separately. “Canary bird” daily feed is generally cereals, pasta, a small amount of oil crops and vegetables.

Six, all year round bathing

Hibiscus is a very loving birds, must ensure that they can take a bath all year round, to prepare a dedicated bathtub, every day to ensure that they can be sun exposure for an hour, so that will not be insect bites, Will make their feathers fade. They should be shrouded in the summer to prevent the mosquito bites them.

Seven, old birds teach openings

Hibiscus birds in a child must find a good tweet of the old bird to open with. Hibiscus and Braun can be used as a tutor of the chicks, you can also use the player to play and record the machine to teach it, make it a beautiful phonetic birds.


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