Causes and Prevention of Reasons for Poisoning of Pigeons



When the pigeons fly around and seek food at the same time, sometimes lead to eating situation occurs, serious may also be poisoned. And what behavior or symptoms do we have to diagnose whether the pigeons are really poisoning? How to help pigeons for treatment, and what precautions to avoid?

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A cause of pigeon poisoning reasons

1, intake of substances containing poison

When the pigeons accidentally poisoned the pests or small animals into the stomach, it will cause poisoning. Drink contaminated water, fed a large amount of organophosphate, or crops that were harvested shortly after the pesticide was sprayed.

2, improper drug control

Sometimes because the rearing staff in the delivery of drugs, did not in accordance with the provisions or the doctor asked to perform, or unauthorized adjustment of dosage; and some because of pesticide residues, or feed and pesticides placed in the same place contaminated , Which leads to poisoning.

3, the general type of poisoning

In general, can be divided into medical drug poisoning, mildew or contaminated feed bacteria, toxic gas poisoning, poisonous rat poisoning, toxic plant poisoning, toxin poisoning, and other causes of poisoning, a wide range of species.

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Second, the symptoms of pigeon poisoning

1, the surrounding environment observation

Investigate the time of onset and the number of deaths, the amount of death and the amount of death, and find out the source of feed to see if the feed is bad, or by other toxic substances, the cleanliness of the water, and the availability of the nearby lovers, etc. The

2, physical behavior

When the pigeon poisoning, will show such as thirst, excessive drinking water and other phenomena; or food spit out, no appetite; wings sagging, and unable to fly, even standing are very difficult, will shake, instability; , Stools, bloody and other symptoms.

3, the system changes in the body

To check the respiratory system, you can through auscultation to determine whether the normal respiratory rate, with or without symptoms such as dyspnea. While the measurement of heartbeat and observation of nose and mouth, mucous membranes and other changes can be used to check the circulatory system function is obstacles.

4, the detection of body temperature level

Because some poison, such as buckwheat, calamus, mandala and other toxic plants, as well as biological poison, caused by poisoning will make the body temperature; and some other alcohol, carbon monoxide, bleaching powder caused by poisoning, will reduce the body temperature The

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Third, poisoning prevention methods and prevention

1, the environment clean

First stop feeding the suspicious feed, drinking water, etc., and in order to let the digestive tract of toxic discharges, try to make ‘pigeons’ drink plenty of water. While the pollution of the bucket and other appliances and tools one by one cleaning, and put on fresh and fresh feed and drinking water.

2, for surgical treatment

If the timely detection of pigeon poisoning phenomenon, you can quickly take the surgical treatment of the method, the cure rate can be as high as one hundred percent. After the end of the surgery, be careful to take care of them, limit the amount of feed, and keep easy to digest food.

3, careful use of pesticides

When using pesticides, pay attention to the amount and safe use, in order to avoid pigeons eating. Protect the loft surroundings and feed in order to protect them from pesticides. For the isolation of sick “pigeons” have to pay great attention to the feces should be properly handled.

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