RED-eyed Fallow Male & Pastel Female~ Parrotlet Mates




This is a 4 year old ‘wild’ breeder pair: Fallow (red eyes) Yellow/Cobalt Male and his mate a Pastel Pied Green Female. New to my flock, I adopted them a month ago.
My Parrotlets are use to coming out of their cage every day, so they fly right out, visit the window, mess around, and have fun. These poor beauts had the hardest time learning to leave their cage! It was so sad to see they were never let out for years. Thats just cruel! Birds love freedom and as owners its our job to recreate as much of their natural environment as possible. Meaning they play outside the cage daily, get to explore, forage, chew on stuff, take baths, interact, and just be birds!
After a month of leaving their cage door wide open, and seeing my birds out playing every day, they finally got curious enough. It was painful to watch, they literally were acting trapped, wanting to be free at the open door but just couldn’t leave. Slowly they gained confidence and now will fly out, around the cage tops but won’t sit in the window. Maybe some day, thats next in their recovery. 🙂 UPDATE: A few days later I found them on the window perch! Yaaaay.


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