Take care of sick birds and let him recover as soon as possible



Once the sick birds found the disease, the owner should take the birds as soon as possible to see a doctor, often because of delay for one or two days, the disease may be rapidly deteriorated to the point where it is out of control, sick birds body temperature is between 39.5 degrees Celsius and 42 degrees, and feathers have not grown, and the ambient temperature needs to be between 32 degrees C and 35 degrees C.

General birds are sick, it is best to provide 28 degrees C to 30 degrees C around the ambient temperature. Some people are accustomed to using electric lights, electric blankets, hot water bags or warm bags to help children keep warm, no matter what method must be used to pay attention to the temperature can not be too high, the environment can not be less airtight, and the temperature can not be hot and cold. If you find the sick bird mouth breathing or breathing action becomes more laborious, you need to immediately check the bird’s environment is overcrowded.

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How to take care of sick birds?

When a bird sees a doctor, the bird can be placed in the original cage for treatment, so that the veterinarian understands the bird’s condition.

  1. Supplemental infusion or electrolyte: the loss of the original bird is not very good, if added with pull Du or vomiting and other symptoms will accelerate the deterioration, so appropriate for them to add water and electrolyte is a very important thing.

You can buy an electrolyte replenisher for birds at a veterinary hospital or bird shop. Otherwise, you can also feed the baby to drink some diluted sports drinks or buy medicine from the West pharmacy electrolyte solution.

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sick birds


Hungry or ‘sick birds’ may be due to low blood sugar and shock, so in addition to electrolytes, the need to add glucose. But feeding the birds to drink water must be gentle so that they are due to urgent and shock, or liquid poured into the trachea and become inhaled pneumonia.


  1. Timely administration: There are many ways to vote for a bird, the most convenient and most common method is to dissolve the medicine in drinking water or mixed in the feed, but these two methods can only be used to feed the sick bird, and The disadvantage is that sometimes taking too much or not at all, in the effect is not ideal.As soon as possible to achieve efficacy, or to seize the birds directly feeding drugs more appropriate, so feed the main to learn the correct bird law. Ordinary ornamental birds such as white birds.

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Canary can hand the bird to hold the bird, with the thumb and middle finger buckle in the bird’s neck side, the index finger gently on the bird head, the exception ring finger and little finger light bird feet, to avoid the birds chaos shook, and then dropped Or syringes slowly drops the syrup in the upper and lower beak junction, so that the syrup can flow smoothly into the “sick birds” mouth, while observing the bird’s throat with or without swallowing action. The whole process of feeding the birds to keep standing posture, not in the birds lying on the position of forced filling, it is very dangerous, it is easy to make the syrup into the trachea.

sick birds

In addition to the parrot birds, such as tiger-parrots, peony, mysterious phoenix, etc., it is best to use paper towels or small handkerchiefs to the aforementioned method to be fixed, to avoid the process of feeding the puck was injured, in addition to the owner must remember that no matter what the birds, Can not put the powder directly into the bird’s mouth, because it is easy to choke in the trachea, but also very water into the trachea.



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