Trust Building & Clicker Training Day 1 With My Parrotlet




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Ella has a whole lot of sass for being such a small parrot! This is a video talking about advancements in our relationship and the beginning stages of clicker training. I am trying to condition her that a click equals a treat but also that in order to get the treat we have to accept it nicely. You’ll notice she doesn’t always like my way and I end up with a few nasty bites. There is also some lunging in there as well! Overall though training seems to be a success and we will be continuing to work on this daily. If anyone is familiar with parrots and has any tips or feedback I’d love to hear it. In the end I want to have a great relationship with my bird which feels next to impossible at this stage!

Update: We had a lot of success with Ella in future training sessions, her first of which can be seen here:

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